Feeling blue: Venerable diner to close

It celebrated its 25th anniversary less than a month ago, but Blue Moon Diner won't live to see its 26th, says co-owner Rob "Gus" Gustafson. In fact, on August 29, the Diner– also owned by Marcus Hahn– in its current incarnation will cease to exist.

No more hangover-bustin' breakfasts, no more greeting friends for leisurely coffee, no more late-night partying to bands like the Hogwaller Ramblers.

Gerry Danner, who ran the Diner from the late 1980s to the early 1990s, sounded shocked when the Hook informed him of the closing earlier this week.

"Really?" said Danner while working at his current restaurant, Dr. Ho's Humble Pie. "Whoa!"

It was Danner who introduced the Moon's signature dish, Huevos BluemooƱos, a spicy mix of eggs, cheese, and grilled potatoes that has thrilled gourmands for years.

Gustafson says his and Hahn's catering business, Harvest Moon, will go on as usual in the space, but that may be small consolation to the legions of loyal Moonies who came to the diner for the Huevos, the coffee, and the companionship.

"Every time I went in there," says Natalie Siler, 20, "I saw someone I knew– whether it was the cook, the guy who made the brownies in the back, or a childhood friend."

Indeed, a place like this may come along just once in a Blue Moon.

The Blue Moon Diner prepares to close, but Harvest Moon Catering will live on.