Steal! = bad advice

Is the article from the Brazen Careerist in your July 22 edition ["You're fired! Learn from the magic words"] a test to see if people will respond, or some form of satire?

The Brazen Careerist sure teaches a lesson in ethics and values. First at the age of nine, she steals time which is money from Grandma. She knew the pay. Why take the job?

In the e-commerce website field, she also steals time, which is money, from her employer as well as time from her co-workers by freelancing, neglecting internal projects for which she accepts pay, and no doubt saddles the others with work she should be doing.

At the ice cream parlor, she decides which ice creams should be served to make her job easier, and then when her job becomes precarious, starts stealing from her boss and giving ice cream to potential new employers.

She calls her theft of her employer's property her "scooping largesse." Most would call it stealing. Any employer who would hire her on the basis of what she stole and gave to them is– in my opinion– for want of a better word, a real jackass. The Hook better watch itself if its employees follow her advice.

Even though the "Brazen Careerist" seems to have no sense of values or morals, the Hook and others pay her to write an advice column on behavior in the work place.

Maybe a lack of ethics works. In her case, it sure seems to have paid off.

Tony Rocklein