Crozet Pizza tops in Virginia, says USA Today

Crozet Pizza's iconic counter.

Congratulations to Crozet Pizza for being named one of the 51 greatest pizza parlors in the country by USAToday. It's an honor well-deserved, as the iconic pizza place in downtown Crozet has become the pizza dough of legend, but not surprising for a place that Muhammad Ali called "the greatest" and National Geographic dubbed the best in the world.

Indeed, it was Crozet Pizza, which opened in 1977, that seemed to put Crozet on the map, that lured us out that way and sent us back home telling stories about the fabulous hand-made pies prepared right before your eyes. It used to be you had to order days in advance because Bob and Karen Crum's pizzas were so sought after.

Of course, Crozet Pizza's current success has been about successfully maintaining and building on that reputation all these years, which is exactly what the Crum's daughter, Colleen, and her husband, Mike Alexander, have done since they took over in 2004.

Here's what USA Today had to say: "Homemade dough, a perfect combination of sauce and spices, and a near endless list of toppings make Crozet Pizza in Crozet a destination for pie lovers. The appetizing ambiance of the cozy shop is enhanced by a wood stove, a screen door that gently slaps closed with the arrival of each customer and the majestic backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains."

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Crozet Pizza is awful. Last time I went I got a burnt pizza. Try Dr Ho's Humble Pie in North Garden for cheaper and fresher pizza!!!!!!!!!

Virginia wouldn't know a good grease wheel if one landed here with a sign on it.....unless it was imported from New Yawk or Joisey.