The Charlottesville Webcam - Downtown Mall

The world-famous Hook webcam
Peering out at the corner of Main and East Second Streets in our fair city since 2002, this is Charlottesville's greatest and most dependable 24/7 view.  ~  The image will refresh automatically every 5 seconds, so there's usually no need for you to hit "reload" or "refresh."  Feel free to call your friends and tell them to check you out; and if they want to save your picture, they need to right-click (control-click on a Mac) on the image to save it.  ~  You can even get naked, as we do not archive the images. ~ Bookmark this page to see how snow and other weather situations erupt from time to time.

Embarassing videos: When it snows, our editor typically goes out in search of local color. Here are some of the YouTube videos that he has shot. (Sometimes, he just shoots stills.)