The Southern

Justin Townes Earle
Published on Mar 1st, 2010
0 comments It's hard to say who you oughta be more excited for here: on one hand, Justin Townes brings the royal Earle bloodline back around, which is an inherently fantastic thing given the esteem in which...
The David Wax Museum
Published on Mar 1st, 2010
0 comments Boston folk fusion quartet The David Wax Museum mixes traditional songs from the US and Mexico. Sons Of Bill little bro Luke Wilson opens. The David Wax Museum - Colas The David Wax Museum -...
The Kings Of Belmont
Published on Mar 1st, 2010
0 comments With this show, the always-reliable Meridian Street rockers bid farewell to founding drummer John Spagnolo and bassist Chris Coleman and welcome newcomers Sam Cushman and Tim Burnett in their...
The Jangling Reinharts
Published on Feb 28th, 2010
0 comments Rock and alt-country covers
Published on Feb 15th, 2010
1 comments Simple, straightforward southern-leaning Laurel Canyon roots-rock in which the roots are also rock, by which we mean that this folky group's precursor was an alternative rock band. In addition,...
The Illville Crew
Published on Feb 15th, 2010
1 comments Hip hop. The Dubsettors and the Rhythm Administration open.
Bio Ritmo
Published on Feb 15th, 2010
0 comments Salsa from Richmond
Red Satellites, Corsair, and Drunk Tigers
Published on Feb 15th, 2010
2 comments This would be the big kaboom in local music this week – an EP-release threesome from indie rock quartet Drunk Tigers, old-school metalhead astronuts Corsair, and glam-rock youngsters Red...
Love Canon
Published on Feb 14th, 2010
0 comments 80's music on acoustic instruments, "Eye Of The Tiger" on banjo and so on. Personnel include Old School Freight Train guitarist Jesse Harper; Zack Hickman, guitarist and uke player for Josh Ritter,...
6 Day Bender
Published on Feb 14th, 2010
0 comments Local bluegrass-rockers. Carolina-via-D.C. twang-rockers The Moderate make this an entirely stylistically coherent bill. 6 Day Bender - Kick Out The Fire 6 Day Bender - Devil Lets You Dance 6 Day...
Keith Morris and Shannon Worrell
Published on Feb 14th, 2010
0 comments For their first 1.5 rounds (that'd be Candyapolis and its live followup sister EP Live Candy), local folk songwriter Keith Morris and his Crooked Numbers have tended toward tunes which are equally...
Published on Feb 5th, 2010
0 comments Perennially skyward-facing Trekkie alt-rock. With Americana quartet Hunter Smith and the Dead Men and local one-man electronica project Centric. Astronomers - Or Maybe It's Nothing Astronomers -...
Devon Sproule and Paul Curreri
Published on Feb 5th, 2010
0 comments Gravity supporters and/or hopelessly smitten lovebirds, rejoice! Husband and wife again perform folky duets together in a continuation of their yearly tradition, among C-ville music's coolest,...
Bye Bye Birdie
Published on Feb 5th, 2010
1 comments Or "Farewell To Birdlips," as the Southern is billing it. Bummer – charming once-local indie-folk duo Birdlips relocated to D.C. some time ago, but even then they could still pop in from...
Bella Morte
Published on Feb 5th, 2010
0 comments Intricate guitar-and-sequence goth-rock Bella Morte - Fades Like A Song Bella Morte - On The Edge
Po' Girl
Published on Feb 1st, 2010
0 comments This rootsy, occasionally jazz-tinged quartet of multi-instrumentalists is perhaps best known as the dueling-vocalist alt-folk side project of Trish Klein of the Be Good Tanyas. Nervous But...
Scott Miller
Published on Jan 31st, 2010
0 comments Americana singer-songwriter. Sons Of Bill guitarist Sam Wilson opens. Sam Wilson - A Melody Instead Sam Wilson - In The Morning Sam Wilson - Once In Your Life Sam Wilson - Green Gates
The Sometime Favorites
Published on Jan 4th, 2010
0 comments Local pop-rock outfit. Richmond jammers Farm Vegas and UVA fourth-year pop-rock singer Kayce McGehee open. The Sometime Favorites - All Along The Sometime Favorites - What You Wanted The Sometime...
The Cinnamon Band
Published on Jan 3rd, 2010
0 comments Three awesome things about this show: 1) free 2) midnight 3) Cinnamon Band. The latter, of course, is the popular Staunton guitar/drum duo which started touring alongside Wolf Parade guitarist Dan...
Brian Patrick
Published on Dec 27th, 2009
0 comments The award-winning local songwriter/guitarist and his eponymous local lineup play rootsy Americana tunes ranging from rockers to ballads from his brand new album, to be released here, which he...