John Paul Jones Arena

Taylor Swift
Published on Nov 8th, 2009
0 comments Last seen around these parts opening for wrinkly old George Strait about three years back, Taylor Swift has since exploded into one of the biggest crossover stars to come out of Nashville since...
John Mayer
Published on Nov 8th, 2009
0 comments John Mayer has come a long way since his student-baiting appearance in the back of the dearly-departed Corner location of Plan 9 a decade or whatever ago – multi-platinum albums, hopping...
John Mayer to make JPJ a "wonderland"
Published on Nov 5th, 2009
29 comments Heartthrob crooner John Mayer announces a stop at Charlottesville's John Paul Jones Arena during his upcoming North American tour in spring 2010 with a March 16 concert. The seven-time Grammy winner...
Published on Oct 12th, 2009
9 comments It's been more than five years since Charlottesville sent local DJ Nick Rubin up to Vermont to serenade the hippie hordes descending on Coventry to say farewell to the legendary jamband kooks of...
Jimmy Buffett
Published on Oct 12th, 2009
0 comments Stoner-fried islander tunes from the musical/cross-promotional genius who brought you "Margaritaville," Margaritaville Margarita Mix, Margaritaville Sunset Shrimp Scampi frozen dinners, "...
Concert tipster: Why tix were as low as $19
Published on Sep 25th, 2009
16 comments Bono and bassist Adam Clayton perform September 16 in Toronto. Photo by MelicansMatkin Less than a week before the Charlottesville U2 show, the event hadn't sold out, and the prices appeared to be...
Published on Sep 20th, 2009
2 comments It's about fifteen years too late for transplanted former Fluco and American Idol fan fave Chris Daughtry's eponymous band to get away with making what effectively amounts to overproduced mid-90's...
Snap o' the day: Where's Nicole?
Published on Aug 24th, 2009
18 comments Aussie country musician Keith Urban plays John Paul Jones Arena Thursday, August 27. One of his buses made an early arrival and was spotted in the Omni lot Sunday, August 23. Updated 11:10am August...
Keith Urban
Published on Jul 5th, 2009
2 comments Chart-toppin' country crooner. Overwhelmingly sweet chick duo Sugarland opens, even though their 2008 album Love On The Inside, currently being reborn as Live On The Inside, spanked the Billboard...
Published on Mar 30th, 2009
4 comments The cultural downfall of Metallica, once hands-down the most influential metal band since Sabbath, might have started at any one of a number of watershed points – the radio-friendly, ballad-...
Casting Crowns
Published on Mar 1st, 2009
1 comments Christian rock
Bruce Springsteen
Published on Feb 1st, 2009
0 comments Epic classic rock anthems
The Dead
Published on Jan 26th, 2009
5 comments The remaining members of the Grateful Dead take more drugs and noodle ever onward.
Dave Matthews Band
Published on Jan 26th, 2009
1 comments The hometown heroes return for a two-night stand at JPJ, their first Charlottesville appearance since founding saxophone player LeRoi Moore died last August, likely making this one of the...
Rascal Flatts and Jessica Simpson
Published on Nov 16th, 2008
0 comments The new-school country trio and the vapid teen pop vixen turned aspiring country singer join forces for the "Bob That Head Tour." The question of what might be in each of the aforementioned heads...
Bill Gaither
Published on Nov 16th, 2008
0 comments This 70-something gospel singer got his start... oh, who cares.
The Cavalier Marching Band
Published on Nov 16th, 2008
9 comments Holiday tunes, mostly. Couldn't get tickets to Mannheim Steamroller or Trans-Siberian Orchestra, eh? Sucka.
Kelly Clarkson and Reba
Published on Oct 13th, 2008
0 comments Well whaddaya know, it's the most tolerable Idol winner ever! But then you add in the star of that atrocious WB sitcom and we're right back at square one. Oh well.
Neil Diamond
Published on Oct 13th, 2008
1 comments Just when you thought occasionally cheeseball crooner Neil Diamond couldn't be redeemed – his turn in Saving Silverman matched Tom Jones' in Mars Attacks! pound-for-pound in its absurd self-...
Jay-Z and T.I.
Published on Oct 13th, 2008
0 comments Man oh man. Where do we even start with this? Jay is the closest thing hip-hop has had to a reigning champion since Biggie's death in 1997. Transcending his humble beginnings in the grimy...