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Missy Raines and the New Hip
Published on Sep 29th, 2008
0 comments When working with the New Hip, acclaimed newgrass bassist Missy Raines likes to blend in influences that piss off the purists. Atta girl!
Robinella and Ezra Hamilton
Published on Sep 29th, 2008
0 comments Robinella is the band fronted by Robin Ella Tipton and propelled by her husband, mandolin player Cruz Contreras, through a jazzy take on modern bluegrass and pop. Ezra Hamilton was one of...
Brian Vander Ark and Lux Land
Published on Sep 29th, 2008
0 comments Sure, The Verve Pipe are pretty much the definition of washed-up 90's alt-rock at this point, but frontman Brian Vander Ark is actually a pretty great performer. Pipe fans will get "The Freshmen...
Dressy Bessy
Published on Sep 29th, 2008
0 comments Denver-based indie-pop quartet Dressy Bessy is another one of those Elephant 6 bands that's just a little harder to keep track of (ie, not Of Montreal or Neutral Milk Hotel); guitarist John Hill...
Baby Dee
Published on Sep 29th, 2008
11 comments Only Baby Dee could bring together Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Andrew WK – the Cleveland singer-songwriter's new album was produced by the guy responsible for one of the summer's most buzz-...
The Little Ones
Published on Sep 22nd, 2008
0 comments Show after show, like clockwork, California indie-pop quintet The Little Ones and their unending pop hooks turn impeccably-placed handclaps into standing ovations.
Clumsy Lovers
Published on Sep 22nd, 2008
0 comments Sometimes Clumsy Lovers sound like an Americana band, but they're actually from Canada. We worked up the term Canadiana as a compromise of sorts, but that just seemed so depressing and pointless...
Published on Sep 22nd, 2008
0 comments Dubconscious proves that Athens, GA is capable of generating more than just 80's-era proto-indie-rock and R.E.M. – the award-winning sextet plays reggae aimed at your head with an Afrobeat...
Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes
Published on Sep 22nd, 2008
0 comments Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes play funky rock from the Big Easy, and 106.1 gets your dirty, sketchy ass in for free yet again; give Brad Savage a big hug if you see him. Gary Green, Peyton...
Arctic Rose
Published on Sep 22nd, 2008
0 comments Glam-rock from a young pair of local brothers. Also featuring Connecticut rock quartet Quiet Life.
My Brightest Diamond
Published on Sep 22nd, 2008
3 comments In early April, before the near-universal acclaim for Portishead's Third had started pouring in, the most striking thing about the impending album was the fact that their music was still alive at...
Vermillion Lies
Published on Sep 22nd, 2008
0 comments This sisterly cabaret duo is known for pausing periodically throughout their performances to pull strange homemade instruments from a chest on stage. Singer-songwriters Wes Swing and Theresa...
The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band
Published on Sep 22nd, 2008
0 comments The Reverend Peyton and his Big Damn Band would like you to come to their damn show and buy all their damn CDs. It's actually a damn small Damn Band, though – just a trio composed entirely...
Chris Smither
Published on Sep 22nd, 2008
0 comments Chris Smither is a top-shelf folk singer-songwriter with strong leanings toward the blues who accompanies himself with deftly fingerpicked acoustic guitar and a stompin' foot which really means...
Birdmonster and Birdlips
Published on Sep 22nd, 2008
0 comments San Francisco indie rock and power-pop quartet Birdmonster has toured with Art Brut, Nada Surt, Tapes n Tapes, Cold War Kids, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and The National. Birdmonster - Born To Be...
The Wave
Published on Sep 21st, 2008
0 comments Young local rock trio The Wave celebrates the release of their new album, High Road Hard Road; it's been a full three years since their greenhorn debut Dreamers, and that's an eternity in teenage...
Carleigh Nesbit
Published on Sep 17th, 2008
0 comments One of the most striking things here is that despite being so young, teenage songwriter Carleigh Nesbit has lined up so many local acoustic heavyweights to back her on her new album The Flower To...
The Infamous Stringdusters
Published on Sep 15th, 2008
0 comments The six Nashville perpetual-sidemen-turned-centerpieces in The Infamous Stringdusters play progressive bluegrass with more instruments on hand than most of their contemporaries but still do the...
Snarky Puppy
Published on Sep 15th, 2008
0 comments Snarky Puppy plays inventive jazz- and world-fusion which has won over the hearts everyone from Victor Wooten and Andre 3000 to our own John D'earth. Snarky Puppy - Intelligent Design Snarky Puppy...
Wovenhand and the Great White Jenkins
Published on Sep 15th, 2008
0 comments Indie- and alt- -folk and -country from the folky Richmond regulars, who are about to start recording an honest-to-God 7" on an honest-to-God four track recorder in an honest-to-God attic, and...