The Garage

The Relatives
Published on May 30th, 2010
0 comments Folk. Singer-songwriter Isaac Gillespie opens.
Good Night And Good Morning
Published on May 16th, 2010
0 comments Atmospheric Chicago-based ambient rock quintet
Wes Swing
Published on May 16th, 2010
0 comments Local cellist plays folk-rock driven by a loop sampler. With Pittsburgh Americana band City Dwelling Nature Seekers. Wes Swing - Lullaby
Wes Swing
Published on May 16th, 2010
0 comments Local string wizard, uh, strings together vocal and cello parts using a loop pedal. Also featuring Staunton singer-songwriter Nelly Kate. Wes Swing - Lullaby
Andrew Cedermark
Published on Apr 5th, 2010
0 comments Local songwriter and guitarist now racking up substantial acclaim on his own from places like Pitchfork and Stereogum after a run with nutty Jersey rockers Titus Andronicus. With Pompadour, who...
The Hilarious Posters
Published on Mar 29th, 2010
0 comments Local indie-pop quartet with various 60's and 80's fetishes. The Hilarious Posters - The Fists The Fighting The Hilarious Posters - Crossed Over The Ocean The Hilarious Posters - That Thing You...
Small Sur
Published on Mar 29th, 2010
0 comments Rurally-minded indie-folk from Baltimore.
Sufjan Sing-Along
Published on Nov 30th, 2009
0 comments Communal sing-alongs of indie rock four-track wizard Sufjan Stevens' Christmas songs. Sheet music and space heaters provided; bring instruments and warm clothes.
Published on Oct 17th, 2009
0 comments Indie rock. Also featuring a solo set from former Titus Andronicus guitarist Andrew Cedermark, and keyboard player Jacob Wolf, all hopefully wrapping up in time for the Man Man show over at the...
Sarah White
Published on Oct 17th, 2009
0 comments Award-winning local alt-country songstress Sarah White - Apple In B Major Sarah White - Half A Smile Sarah White - Ply Me Sarah White - Sweetheart Sarah White - Where You're Going
Carleigh Nesbit and Carl Anderson
Published on Oct 17th, 2009
0 comments Alt-folk duo. Organizer Sam Bush opens with a set of his own. Carleigh Nesbit and Carl Anderson - Three Steps Out The Door [live] Carleigh Nesbit and Carl Anderson - Passing Through Carleigh...
David Dondero
Published on Aug 17th, 2009
0 comments Indie folk brought to you by Conor Oberst's Team Love Records. With Lux Perpetua and Erik Peterson.
Dust From 1000 Years
Published on Apr 25th, 2009
0 comments Lo-fi indie folk-rock
D.B.B. Plays Cups
Published on Apr 12th, 2009
0 comments Local rocker. Also featuring Caninos.
Jameson Zimmer, David Tewksbury, and Matt Leech
Published on Nov 2nd, 2008
1 comments Garage head Kate Daughdrill's new installation opens with solo acoustic sets from the local songwriter, the former multi-instrumentalist behind Love Tentacle Drip Society, and An American Tourist'...
Dusty Brown
Published on Oct 27th, 2008
0 comments Garage rock. Har har. Joe Pollock opens with guitars and loops. Joe Pollock - Woodlawn Street Joe Pollock - Someone Said It Sounded Like Traveling Joe Pollock - Older Brother And An Ice Cream...
Multi-Media Sandwich
Published on Oct 9th, 2008
1 comments The Garage, Charlottesville's most off-beat art and performance space, presents "Multi-Media Sandwich," featuring local artist James Ford's films at the beginning and end of a musical performance...
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