Charlottesville Pavilion

Look3 presents "Works" photo projection
Published on Jun 3rd, 2011
0 comments Look3: Festival of the Photograph presents "Works," a slide projection of images from projects by 19 renowned photographers. The Charlottesville Pavilion. 977-3687.
Look3 presents "Shots" photo projection
Published on Jun 3rd, 2011
0 comments Look3: Festival of the Photograph presents its popular "Shots" photo projection, featuring work by 25 cutting-edge photographers, at the Charlottesville Pavilion following Beleza Brazil's performance...
The Imagination Movers
Published on Feb 20th, 2011
0 comments Disney-approved kiddie rockers
Lock down: Street closures, restrictions for Obama visit
Published on Oct 28th, 2010
79 comments Candidate Obama at the Pavilion in 2008. FILE PHOTO BY TOM DALY The last time Barack Obama came to the Pavilion on the Downtown Mall he set an attendance record for the facility. And he was just a...
Interview- How to: Industry vets 311 on the secret to musical success
Published on Oct 18th, 2010
13 comments 311, twenty years strong. PUBLICITY PHOTO To all aspiring musicians or hopeful up-and-comers in the music biz, Omaha natives and industry veterans 311 have some advice for you: keep working hard,...
Black Keys rock Pavilion (Slideshow)
Published on Sep 21st, 2010
1 comments A fan aptly says it all with his shirt as the Pavilion fills with Black Keys devotees. PHOTO BY TOM DALY Akron, Ohio based blue-sy bluegrass duo Black Keys played to a packed house at the...
LCD Soundsystem
Published on Sep 6th, 2010
0 comments Jeepers, it's hard to believe that Charlottesville even landed a show like this. Sleigh Bells are probably the definitive internet buzz band of the year thus far (and we're getting close to the...
The Disco Biscuits
Published on Sep 6th, 2010
0 comments Jamband with heavy electronic elements. Archnemesis and Bonobo open, the latter regrettably with a DJ set instead of actual performances of the pieces from his fantastic latest album Black Sands....
John Prine
Published on Sep 6th, 2010
0 comments For decades, singer-songwriter John Prine has bounced between folk, country, and even rockabillity on highly regarded albums that always left him just short of genuine superstar status. This would...
The Black Keys
Published on Aug 29th, 2010
0 comments Acclaimed roughshod guitar-and-drums garage-rock duo with streaks of psychedelia and gritty blues, arguably the heart of the lineup over at Ohio indie powerhouse label Fat Possum Records. The...
Al Green
Published on Aug 29th, 2010
0 comments Legendary 1970's soul singer with heavy sonic influences stemming from a short stint into gospel, even though its principles might be construed as directly opposed to his highly seductive secular...
The Avett Brothers
Published on Aug 22nd, 2010
0 comments The reigning kings of crossover bluegrass are without a doubt the biggest folk-rock success story in recent memory, and to a great extent the most interesting in that this time it's not just about...
Nas and Damian Marley
Published on Aug 22nd, 2010
0 comments Gonna be disappointed in you if this show doesn't do well, Charlottesville. The legendary rapper and reggae heir seemed like an odd couple when they paired up for a one-off song on Marley's...
Widespread Panic
Published on Aug 22nd, 2010
1 comments Not much more needs to be said about Georgia improv rock titans Widespread Panic at this point, except perhaps to remind you that they're actually pretty palatable as an occasionally twang-infused...
Published on Aug 22nd, 2010
0 comments Far too many bands make this claim, but 311 were legitimately hard to pin down stylistically back when "Down" briefly made them the golden boys of alt-rock in the mid-90's. They were heavier than...
Lyle Lovett
Published on Aug 8th, 2010
0 comments Legendary songwriter Lyle Lovett is one of the big fish among Americana singers, emerging in the 80's as a critical favorite long before the "alt-country" label had been established as a way to...
Da' T.R.U.T.H.
Published on Aug 8th, 2010
0 comments Christial rap
Primus Ribbing: Claypool on how to be a goofball--- er, satireball
Published on Jul 27th, 2010
6 comments In the early and mid '90s, Les Claypool quickly became a major influence on an entire generation of bassists when his band hit it big on mainstream alt-rock radio. This was fairly unreasonable,...
Primus and Gogol Bordello
Published on Jul 21st, 2010
0 comments At the end of the day, it's not really about whether virtuoso bassist Les Claypool's seminal screwball 90's alt-metal outfit Primus will out-bizarre the formidable troublemakers in Eugene Hutz's "...
Willie Nelson
Published on Jul 18th, 2010
0 comments Pretty much the high priest of outlaw country give or take a Merle Haggard, legendary pothead Willie Nelson has taken some left turns lately that seem outlandish even by Willie Nelson standards...