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The Bridge: "Luceo Photography: Altered States, The Way We Live Today"
Published on May 28th, 2011
0 comments The Bridge, in association with Look3: Festival of the Photograph, presents "Luceo Photography: Altered States, The Way We Live Today," showcasing six photographers curated by Brian Paul Clamp. A...
Published on May 11th, 2011
0 comments C-ville's finest Asian surf and garage-rockers celebrate the release of their new EP, Ali Shan A Go Go, which is composed of 75% traditional Taiwanese and Japanese folk songs and nursery rhymes...
The Bridge holds third annual Revel fundraiser
Published on Apr 24th, 2011
0 comments The Bridge Public Arts Initiative holds its third annual Revel fundraiser, a raucous party featuring food, drink, DJs, art, a silent auction, and live performances by We Are Star Children, The Revel...
"An Evening of Sound & Video Art" at The Bridge
Published on Apr 16th, 2011
0 comments The Bridge hosts "An Evening of Sound & Video Art," featuring creative work by filmmaker and sound artist David Eklund, synthesizer innovator Richard Brewster, and audio-visual artist David...
The Bridge: Photography by Ben Ward
Published on Mar 27th, 2011
0 comments The Bridge features photographer Ben Ward's exhibit, "What's Cooking in the Kurdish Kitchen." A First Friday opening and performance is scheduled for November 4, 6-8pm. 209 Monticello Road. 984-5669.
The Bridge: Andrew Stern's "Appalachian Portfolio"
Published on Mar 27th, 2011
0 comments The Bridge features photographer Andrew Stern's "Appalachian Portfolio." Shot between 1959-1963 and inspired by Stern's wife's roots in Appalachian coal country, Stern's respectful images of Kentucky...
The Bridge: "Circo Mi Circo"
Published on Mar 27th, 2011
0 comments The Bridge features "Circo Mi Circo," a show of video, collage, and sculpture, as well as a circus tent presenting a Circus en Espanol created and performed by children from Charlottesville’s diverse...
The Bridge: John-Michael Triana's "Vantage Point"
Published on Mar 27th, 2011
1 comments The Bridge features photography, projection, and experimental film in John-Michael Triana's exhibition, "Vantage Point," which"explores an innovative visual language attempting to articulate the...
Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, Cleek Schrey, Loren Ludwig, and Matt Olwell
Published on Mar 20th, 2011
0 comments A grab-bag of local talent presents fiddle tunes, early music, and improvisations on fiddles and viola da gamba with percussive dance accompaniment.
Under the influence: Moore lays it on thick
Published on Mar 14th, 2011
0 comments Several small blocks sit stacked beside cigar-box dioramas depicting itty-bitty galleries, complete with tiny paintings, in one corner of Dave Moore’s exhibition, “These Things I Do,” currently on...
Steve Cossman offers 16mm direct filmmaking workshop and screening at The Bridge
Published on Mar 11th, 2011
0 comments In association with The Bridge Film Series, Steve Cossman will offer a workshop in "direct filmmaking," which involves a variety of techniques for directly affecting 16mm film, including scratching...
The Bridge Film Series screens Alfred Hitchcock's THE LODGER, with music by Matt Marshall
Published on Mar 11th, 2011
2 comments The Bridge Film Series screens Alfred Hitchcock's silent film, The Lodger, based on the story of Jack The Ripper. Local musician will accompany the thriller with a live keyboard performance. 209...
The Bridge Film Series presents "Peaking: A Night of Vintage & Contemporary Psychedelia"
Published on Mar 11th, 2011
0 comments The Bridge Film Series offers "Peaking: A Night of Vintage & Contemporary Psychedelia," a selection of films from the 1920s through the present that showcase psychedelic film as "a funhouse...
Katherine Young and Jacob Wick
Published on Nov 7th, 2010
0 comments Experimental composers and improvisers, one running her bassoon through pedals and amplification and the other performing a piece which aims to deconstruct his trumpet into its constituent parts...
Jason Ajemian and the Highlife
Published on Oct 3rd, 2010
0 comments Bassist and avant-garde composer performs a set of structured improvisations which are scored using architectural drafting software as a way of outlining pathways through folk, jazz, and...
Annea Lockwood
Published on Mar 3rd, 2010
0 comments The Bridge once again proves itself most friendly to the wildly avant-garde of all C-ville venues (yes, including you, Tea Bazaar, sorry) by way of septuagenarian composer and Vassar contemporary...
Lukas Ligeti
Published on Mar 1st, 2010
0 comments Last seen around these parts leading Burkina Electric, his Burkinabe folk-techno band (seriously), avant-garde classical composer and sometimes downright wacko-experimental percussionist Lukas...
Published on Feb 1st, 2010
1 comments Chaotic Brooklyn experimental rock trio Dinowalrus puts a psychedelic spin on synths, theremins, drum machines, and clarinets, and they share a guitarist with Titus Andronicus. As for avant-pop...
Alessandro Bosetti
Published on Jan 31st, 2010
0 comments The experimental Italian composer sweeps his usual African field recording projects under the rug just long enough to demonstrate Mask Mirror, a custom-programmed sampler instrument he created...
rare degree
Published on Jan 14th, 2010
0 comments Experimental improvisations on sax and bassoon, including pieces by UVA professors Judith Shatin and fellow performer Matthew Burtner as well as one by modern minimalist master Terry Riley. Also...
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