The Bridge

Andrew Lafkas, Bryan Eubanks, and Jonathan Zorn
Published on Feb 1st, 2009
0 comments Wake up, sleepyhead! You'll need to shrug off that hangover in order to catch all of this long-form improvisation, which is slated to span 12 hours.
The Moses
Published on Nov 16th, 2008
0 comments Local rockers. Also featuring cinematic Richmond jazz-fusion quintet Glows In The Dark and acoustic soloist Kyle Woolard as Uncle Jemima. The Moses - Moon Song [live]
We Versus The Shark
Published on Oct 12th, 2008
0 comments One arguably unfortunate thing about guitar pedals is that far too many of them include volume knobs when they shouldn't. Turn them all up, and you've got a real mess on your hands. Keep that in...
Sunburned Hand Of The Man
Published on Sep 29th, 2008
0 comments Sunburned Hand Of The Man is a large psychedelic folk collective from Boston – slightly less large following the death of longtime member Adam Nodelman in August, actually – with a...
Simple, Myceum, and Articulate Chewbacca
Published on Jul 6th, 2008
0 comments Chapel Hill indie-rock trio Simple performs alongside Charlottesville pedal fiend Scott Ritchie, who will then in turn join forces with members of Truman Sparks and The Nice Jenkins for Articulate...
Nernes/Skagen, Insects With Tits, and the Pinko Communoids
Published on Jun 29th, 2008
0 comments HzCollective, the focal point for Richmond audio tinkerers, delivers the 16th installment of the NanoHz performance series, featuring performers from both at home and abroad. Nernes/Skagen is a...
Adam Smith
Published on Mar 31st, 2008
1 comments This benefit for the Charlottesville Free Clinic features Adam Smith of Truman Sparks, who is passing the time up in Philly these days, and local indie rock band Quiet My Dear. In addition, the...
Tiger Saw
Published on Mar 9th, 2008
0 comments Tiger Saw is an ill-defined musical consortium which plays minimalist rock – or rather, as close to minimalist as one can reasonably expect from a band that includes a dancer, a magician, and...
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