Bel Rio

Adderall defense: Huguely's lawyers dispute cause of death
Published on Dec 15th, 2010
73 comments Yeardley Love and former boyfriend George Huguely, who has been in jail since her death May 3. When murder suspect and UVA lacrosse player George Huguely spoke with police in May, he allegedly...
Intent to irritate: But blogger not guilty of stalking
Published on Dec 2nd, 2010
16 comments Blogger Elisha Strom is found not guilty of stalking. MUGSHOT FROM CHARLOTTESVILLE POLICE The woman whose website about a local drug task force landed her in jail for a month won a victory in court...
Renaissance man: WTJU host Emmett Boaz dies
Published on Nov 11th, 2010
8 comments Emmett Boaz worked as a gunsmith, and was a competitive pistol shooter for about 10 years. FILE PHOTO BY JEN FARIELLO Ask people how they want to die, and the two most common answers will be in...
What do you think of red-light cameras?
Published on Sep 30th, 2010
77 comments As County officials announced recently, a red-light camera and video system is being installed at the intersection of Rio Road and 29 North. It's going up October 11, but there will be a 30-day "...
WVPT Kids' Book Festival Celebrates its 5th Anniversary
Published on Sep 21st, 2010
0 comments The WVPT Kids’ Book Festival will be held Saturday, September 25, from 1 - 5pm at the Charlottesville Pavilion in downtown Charlottesville. An estimated 5,000 people attended last year and organizers...
'Bottoms' up: Blue Mountain, Devils Backbone grab some Gold
Published on Sep 21st, 2010
8 comments Something brewing: Taylor and Mandi Smack makin' beer. PHOTO COURTESY BMB A shout out to the Blue Mountain Brewery and Devils Backbone Brewing Company for nabbing some Gold Medals at the 2010 Great...
Before Bel Rio: Jim Baldi and the death of Boheme
Published on Sep 7th, 2010
29 comments "First it was Clive, then it was Jim, who I'd known for 20 years," says Boheme owner Tom Fussell, of his former chef, Clive Papayanis (left), who has been charged with embezzling from the restaurant...
Baldi watch: Bel Rio owner's absence prompts media scramble
Published on Jul 27th, 2010
32 comments Bel Rio owner Jim Baldi FILE PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR Since the Hook first reported last week on the mysterious disappearance of Bel Rio owner James K. Baldi, local reporters have busily dug up new...
Where's Baldi? Bel Rio closes, owner vanishes
Published on Jul 20th, 2010
96 comments Bel Rio owner Jim Baldi. FILE PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR Bel Rio, the Downtown Belmont restaurant and music venue that has sparked a passionate debate over noise-levels at night spots–-which led...
Eli Cook
Published on Jul 18th, 2010
0 comments Local blues guitarist performs whatever stylistic fusion he's up to these days with his power trio. Eli Cook - Static In The Blood
Landlord gives Bel Rio a thumping of its own
Published on Jul 16th, 2010
28 comments The view from inside Bel Rio. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER After a persistent controversy over its musical volume and allegations of late-night rock-and-roll bass thumping disturbing the sleep of...
American Dumpster
Published on Jun 8th, 2010
0 comments Junkyard rock
Christian Breeden
Published on Jun 8th, 2010
0 comments Local songwriter
Published on May 25th, 2010
0 comments De-acronymed, the name Funky Urban Southern Ensemble pretty much says it all. Featuring pianist Jim Wray and percussionist Darrell Rose.
Red Rooster
Published on May 16th, 2010
0 comments No big surprise that a band called Red Rooster plays alt-country and Americana, but plenty unusual that they do it with a DJ and occasional electronic keyboard parts. The cover art for this NYC...
Galen, Woody, and the Smokey Mountain Swag
Published on Apr 19th, 2010
0 comments Country Galen, Woody, and the Smokey Mountain Swag - Oh Mama [live] Galen, Woody, and the Smokey Mountain Swag - I Tore Down A Mountain [live]
The Alegria Latin Combo
Published on Apr 19th, 2010
0 comments Tunes from Brazil, Spain, and Cuba by a Latin jazz group led by local guitarist Peter Richardson
Chang watch: The chef has landed
Published on Apr 15th, 2010
7 comments We know you’re all just sitting at your computers waiting for the latest Peter Chang update. Well, here it is: according to Chang’s “consultant and translator,” Gen Lee, the quixotic chef has found a...
Published on Apr 12th, 2010
0 comments Classic and modern rock covers
Danny Beirne
Published on Apr 11th, 2010
0 comments Danny Beirne – best known as the flamboyant redhead pianist who kept the Skip Castro Band's shows interesting through the 80's and most recently seen in Charlottesville onscreen playing his...