UVA procedure on "non-violent disruptive demonstration"

B. If the protestors persist in their disruptive activity, the following statement should be read by a University administrator as circumstances permit:

I am____________(name, _______________(title), a representative of the University of Virginia authorized to make this statement. I am hereby officially directing you to please leave these premises immediately. I am also notifying you that if you do not leave immediately you will be in violation of both the University's Standards of Conduct and Virginia Law. Violating the University's Standards of Conduct puts employees and students at risk of University discipline up to and including termination from the University, and violations of law may result in criminal prosecution resulting in criminal sanctions.

C. If the protestors persist in disruptive behavior after the above administrative message is read, the following statement may be read as circumstances permit:

The University has directed you to leave the premises and you have refused to do so. The University now has requested that law enforcement clear this area. Please cooperate with law enforcement. If you fail or refuse to do so, you may be arrested.