Waiting for Bodo

Bodo's is a Charlottesville instititution, a bagel restaurant that started right here in 1988 at a supposedly doomed location on Emmet Street. Over the years, Bodo's grew by adding a location on Preston Avenue. But it was Corner location where the legend grew. Then-owner Brian Fox hung a "coming... promise" sign out front one day in 1995. And then he outfitted the facility with the latest in bagel ovens and his daughter's mural. And UVA students began salivating. But a decade passed....


Bodo's sold: Three managers buy the bagel bizPublished on Jun 8th, 2006After 20 years at the helm of Bodo's, the legendary bagelry that has become a Charlottesville institution, owner Brian Fox is calling it quits. “That’s enough,” says Fox, a...read more
All things come... Ten years later, a Corner Bodo'sPublished on Jun 23rd, 2005It's 6:59am at the front door of a University Avenue storefront, and there's a gaggle of about 20 people standing under a sign that reads "Bodo's." But one eager patron has...read more
Drumroll, please! Bodo's set to open... reallyPublished on Jun 2nd, 2005For those who said the Corner Bodo's would open when pigs fly, look up– is that a soaring sausage? The temperature in hell also may be dropping precipitously. In fact,...read more
Bagels! Bagels! Corner Bodo's to open (promise)Published on Feb 3rd, 2005Did you hear the news? The Corner Bodo's is opening! No, really. Seriously! We swear, it's opening! Oh, why won't anyone believe us? Bodo's owner Brian Fox told the Hook...read more
Corner con: Bagel prank raises hopesPublished on Apr 8th, 2004It's been nearly a decade since Brian Fox snagged a spot on the Corner for a third Bodo's. So when a sign appeared announcing that the town's best-known bagelry was opening...read more
Waiting for BodoPublished on Mar 28th, 20021995 was a big year for Charlottesville. Emily Couric won her first State Senate election. Christopher Reeve became UVA Hospital’s star patient. Our beloved Wahoos toppled #2...read more