The Biscuit Run cash grab

Biscuit Run may eventually become a state park, but it has already become a state scandal, as the developers who tried to earn millions on a bubble-era flip have turned to friendly appraisers in an effort to extract millions from the Virginia taxpayers.


Biscuit Run bonanza: How Hunter Craig turned a donation into a windfallPublished on May 2nd, 2013Hunter Craig has a way of snatching victory from defeat. Craig's masterstrokes in the field and in the courtroom follow a tumultuous year for the now 52-year-old more
Biscuit Run reform: Deeds would loosen secrecy... somePublished on Jan 23rd, 2012In Virginia, tax returns are so sacred that a section of code forbids state officials from revealing individual info– even if those individuals have reaped millions more
Biscuit and gravy: Lawmakers dodge calls to unshroud millionsPublished on Nov 29th, 2011The loudest voices on both the political left and right have voiced outrage, but future Hunter Craigs can continue to secretly extract millions from taxpayers. That's more
Biscuit burden: Cuccinelli demands cash from CraigPublished on Nov 22nd, 2011In his response to a speculator's controversial lawsuit seeking nearly $20 million from taxpayers in the form of conservation tax credits, Attorney General Ken more
Biscuit backstory: Flips would have rewarded Craig's fees Published on Nov 18th, 2011In its first two years in the hands of speculators, doomed housing development Biscuit Run rang up over $7 million in expenses, including nearly a quarter million more
The flip that flopped: Biscuit Run men want $20 million more from taxpayersPublished on Nov 9th, 2011Biscuit Run is the gift that keeps on… taking. Initially sold to the public as a $10 million state park, the nearly 1,200-acre tract has actually extracted more than $ more
Since 2010: Kaine makes first Biscuit Run commentPublished on Jun 7th, 2011Since the revelation that a potentially hyperinflated appraisal could have defrauded Virginia taxpayers out of millions of dollars, former governor Tim Kaine has now made more
'Insufficient evidence': State mum as Biscuit Run appraisers go unpunishedPublished on May 30th, 2011Four months after leaked documents showed that a Charlottesville-based group of investors convinced top-level Virginia officials to bail out their flopped housing more
Heat is on: AG says Biscuit Run deal under scrutinyPublished on Jan 11th, 2011Recently disclosed details of the Biscuit Run state park deal have prompted more than public outrage–- they may have prompted an investigation into the transaction more
Bad men? New numbers show spiraling cost of Biscuit RunPublished on Jan 6th, 2011 A year ago, an outgoing governor hailed the purchase of a flailing subdivision called Biscuit Run as a "bargain" for Virginia taxpayers. Now, however, newly leaked more