Salient statements rendered in the wake of the ouster of UVA President Sullivan

The forced resignation on June 10, 2012 of University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan touched off a wave of correspondence. Here are some of the documents:

May 3 - President Sullivan's allegedly intercepted strategy memo to BOV

June 10 - Rector Helen Dragas remarks to deans and VPs

June 10 - Darden Foundation chair Peter Kiernan to fellow trustees

June 11 - Medical School Dean Steven T. DeKosky to colleagues

June 13 - Email from McIntire Dean Carl Zeithaml

June 13 - Statement from Dragas/BOV to faculty

June 14 - Message to community from Strine & Simon

June 17 - Paul Tudor Jones op/ed in Daily Progress

June 17 - Provost John Simon's address to the Faculty Senate

June 18 - Faculty Senate's executive council after meeting with BOV

June 18 - Sullivan to BOV

June 18 - Hillary Hurd; Helen Dragas early in BOV meeting

June 19 - Statements (including one from June 26) from BOV member Heywood Fralin

June 20 - Carl Zeithaml upon his selection as interim president

June 21 - Statement from 10 of UVA's 11 school deans

June 21 - Statement on civility from President Sullivan

June 21 - Statement from Rector Helen Dragas (10-point memo "right thing, the wrong way")

June 22 - Message from Carl Zeithaml suspending his interim presidency

June 22 - Message to the BOV from Governor Bob McDonnell

June 22 - 'Please stop' statement of Governor Bob McDonnell to the public

June 22 - Rector Helen Dragas statement following governor's decide-or-resign letter

June 23 - Statement by members of UVA’s Council of Foundations supporting President Sullivan

June 26 - Statements by President Sullivan upon her reinstatement

June 29 - Governor McDonnell Announces UVa Board of Visitors Appointments

July 30 - The why-I-won't-unresign letter from Professor Wulf

August 7 - Statement from President Sullivan on resignation of Michael Strine

August 7 - Statement from Rector Dragas on resignation of Michael Strine

August 8 - Open letter to BOV from several prominent UVA alumni

–>UVA News Office's collection of various statements

–>UVA Magazine's collection of various statement