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Snowe mobile: Former Maine senator speaks at Emily Couric lunch

Once upon a time, "moderate Republican" was not considered an oxymoron. An example of that rare breed, former Maine Senator Olympia Snowe, was in Charlottesville March 18 as the Emily Couric Leadership Forum's woman of the year.

Time named Snowe one of the best U.S. senators in 2006, but in 2012 she announced she wouldn't seek a fourth term because of the polarizing partisanship that had ground congressional effectiveness to a halt.


Out of office for two months, Snowe notes some steps toward civility. "The president has made overtures toward the House and the Senate," she says. "That's important."


Snowe lists the challenges in the budget process of reconciling tax reform and entitlement reform. "One can't happen with the other," she predicts.

Neither side thought sequestration would happen, and both sides are being affected in ways they don't find acceptable, she adds.

"It's always important to talk to those with whom you disagree," says the senator. "We cannot afford to lose another...

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Get Out! events, shows, things to do

"You know the kind of joke that's super-hilarious but also points in some genius way to the whole thing of the universe? Like that."
—Daniel Handler, on Paul Legault's The Emily Dickinson Reader


Dead poet party

If you've never really cared for poetry, or understood why

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Senator Snowe got the memo

Senator Olympia Snowe's magenta jacket matched perfectly with the hair of Emily Couric scholarship finalist Page Grissom from Murray High School at the March 18 Omni luncheon.

Correction and update 3/19: Page Grissom's name was misspelled in the original version; the scholarship recipients names have been added in the caption.

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A taste of Hamiltons' new menu

By Nicole Patterson

It’s been only a month since Hamiltons’ new chef, Curtis Shaver, joined the team, as recently detailed in the Dish. So what is the food like? At a recent menu tasting, Hamiltons’ revealed several creative entrées ranging from Fog Mushroom Agnolotti to a Caramelized Onion Tart with buttermilk blue cheese topped with an arugula salad, showcasing Shaver’s culinary personality.

Since opening their family owned restaurant 17 years ago, Bill and Kate Hamilton have never had a chef who they did not bring up themselves in-house, making this an intricate process and a tough decision. “He appreciates what Hamiltons’ is,” Kate notes, which is important to Kate and Bill as they seek to move forward while maintaining the integrity and history of the restaurant. 

Bill notes that “Everybody has their own flavor” and while Shaver is not changing everything, he will shape the menu by incorporating his own strengths. Bill says that Shaver is “vegetable driven” and that customers will see more “strength in the vegetarian options.”

"Curtis is a first rate chef. He has a ton of energy, he loves the kitchen, he was responsible for much of the success of Keswick Hall's culinary success," says former Fossett's executive chef Craig Hartman, who we can thank for bringing Shaver to Charlottesville...

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Firefight: details emerge in Downtown Mall shooting

Early Saturday morning, March 16, at approximately 12:45am, three gunshots rang out on Second Street NW on the Downtown Mall, between the offices of the Hook and the Elks Lodge, leaving two men shot and wounded on the street. According to police, the two men have been identified as Frank D. Brown, 56, of Albemarle County, and Leon T. Brock, 22, of Culpeper County. As of Hook presstime on Tuesday, March 19, both were listed in stable condition at the UVA Medical Center and no charges had been filed. The police officer who has also acknowledged firing his weapon has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

According to a search warrant for Brown filed in Charlottesville Circuit Court,  a witness told police that Brown fired on Brock after Brock and three other men jumped him.

Charlottesville Police Officer Alex Bruner, according to the search warrant, told police on the scene that he had fired his weapon twice. A witness also states that Bruner shouted "Drop the weapon!" before firing.

The late night gun battle– witnessed by a Hook reporter– happened in the blink of an eye, but the repercussions of the violence continue to reverberate across the Downtown community.

"This isn't the first time there have been incidents outside the Elks Lodge," says Sigrid Eilerton,...

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