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Loan woes? Banks expected to share Biscuit burden

news-biscuitrunpresentationPart of a presentation to Albemarle planners. FOREST LODGE LLC

With at least part of its $34 million loan already declared in "early stage delinquency" by the lead lender, Biscuit Run's conversion to a state park may leave several banks with millions in losses.

In a November 6 federal filing, Bluefield-based First Community Bank notified its shareholders of the potentially massive problem but assured them that the loan was "adequately secured" by a "large tract of undeveloped land in Virginia."

What First Community may not have counted on was Governor Tim Kaine's eagerness to add new parkland or on the generosity of Biscuit Run owner Forest Lodge LLC, a consortium publicly headed by Hunter Craig.

Craig spent several years before County staff winning the right to eventually develop 3,100 homes on the 1,200-acre tract in southern Albemarle. On December 30, however, Craig's gr...

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Cold at Carmike: Roof leak turns Avatar into water world

news-avatarCarmike moviegoers got a chilly surprise at a Christmas Day screening of Avatar. PUBLICITY PHOTO

Avatar may be known for its cutting edge special effects, but some moviegoers catching James Cameron's latest blockbuster at Carmike 6 on Christmas Day– less than a week after the so-called Snowpocalypse– experienced a not-so-special effect: a partially collapsed ceiling that dumped cold water on at least one unsuspecting patron.

"We heard a weird sound," says Jason Coleman, who'd taken his two kids to see the 4:30pm show after the 3:30 screening was cancelled due to problems with a sound system. At first, Coleman says, they attributed the noise to poor theater etiquette.

"We thought it was some guy being loud eating a few rows behind us," he says. "Then we noticed water com...

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Waste Authority says: Lawsuit ends when Van der Linde pays

news-rswa-davidbrown"He certainly was aware that the service contribution existed," Brown said Thursday. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER

In its first meeting since its star witness was convicted and jailed for attempted extortion related to its case, the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority isn't shying away from its controversial lawsuit against recycling entrepreneur Peter van Der Linde. Despite a new public plea from a pair of citizens at its December meeting, the board gave no indication that it was backing down.

"I agree that it's a stupid lawsuit," said board member and City Councilor David Brown, noting that the lawsuit would disappear if Van der Linde would pay the approximately one million dollars the Authority contends he owes for depositing trash without paying a $16 Authority fee.

"Figure out how much trash," said Brown. "Have him pa...

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COVER- Person of the Year: Joel Salatin's salad days


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Jury verdict: RSWA's star witness convicted of attempted extortion

news-kendrick1Minutes before a jury found him guilty of attempted extortion, Richard Wade Kendrick, with family members behind him, waits for the verdict. PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR

A controversial government-backed lawsuit against a recycling entrepreneur suffered a major blow Thursday when a Fluvanna County jury convicted 50-year-old Richard Wade Kendrick of trying to extort his former employer, Peter Van der Linde. In a separate action, Kendrick had been expected to serve as the star witness in the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority's lawsuit against Van der Linde, but now it appears that Kendrick might have to be plucked from jail if he's still needed to testify against his old boss.

Already, the Authority's case against Van der Linde–- although it has the support of such community notables as Albemarle Supervisor Ken Boyd and Charlottesville City Councilor David Brown–- has drawn criticism for using provisions of RICO, the federal Racketeer Influenced Corruption act, to punish a challen...

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