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Oh, Kay! Liberal activist, editor Peaslee leaving Charlottesville

news-peaslee-smallKay Peaslee is moving to Indianapolis and will take along her cat Yang Guifei– named for the most famous concubine of the Tang Dynasty. PHOTO BY COURTENEY STUART

She covered news as the founder of the Observer, a long-lasting weekly paper, and made news as an activist who, along with her late husband Alexander "Sandy" Peaslee, pushed for the controversial–- but ultimately unsuccessful–- reversion of  Charlottesville to town status. Now, Kay Peaslee is preparing to start a new chapter.

"I'm moving to Indianapolis, to be near my youngest daughter," says Peaslee, sitting in her spacious downtown McGuffey Hill condo while her oldest daughter, Sarah Peaslee, packs boxes and sorts family photos in preparation for her mother's Thursday, March 4 departure.

Now 87, Peaslee says the decision to move was fairly sudden.

"I wasn't thinking about it, but my son-in-law called and wanted me to com...

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He's here: Harringtons warn killer he'll be caught

news-harringtonsDan and Gil Harrington arrive at the Copeley Road Bridge on Thursday, February 18. PHOTO BY COURTENEY STUART

They don't know who killed their daughter, but Morgan Harrington's parents say they remain certain about where he lives, and that he will be caught.

"There is a bad guy here in Charlottesville," Dan Harrington pointedly told reporters gathered by Morgan's memorial on the Copeley Road bridge on Thursday morning, February 18, after he and Morgan's mother, Gil, finished meeting with law enforcement.

Recalling lone female joggers he and Gil saw earlier that morning crossing the bridge and praising both UVA and Virginia Tech for emailing messages to all of their students, specifically referring to Morgan, Dan Harrington cautioned, "Students and citizens to be aware of their surroundings and not make themselves unsafe."

While the Medical...

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On the trail: Harrington's body creates new mysteries, angles

cover 0905.inddThe new issue hits newsstands Wednesday afternoon. HOOK GRAPHIC

"There may be something like horse hair on the body, which would mean that she got there by horseback," offered a private investigator on a recent episode of TV crime show Nancy Grace . "Perhaps," he then suggested, "the body was even dropped out of [a] plane into this remote area."

Such wild speculation brought immediate jeers from Grace, but the remoteness of the location of the remains of 20-year-old Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington is leading to flights of fancy and incessant speculation.

"I'm mystified," says Dave Bass, owner of 742-acre Anchorage Farm in southern Albemarle County and the man who discovered the skeletonized remains as he checked fences on his property on Tuesday, January 26.

The mystery of Morgan's final resting place isn't just about who put her there; it's about how anyone could have reached such a remote location i...

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Black ribbon: Harrington's parents express emotions

news-remembermorgan-ribbonDan, Gil, and Alex Harrington tie a black ribbon to Copeley Road Bridge a day after Morgan's body was found. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER

“Our sorrow is etched in our faces; our pain has been carved in our hearts." So said the mother of Morgan Dana Harrington, a day after her 20-year-old daughter's body was found in a cowfield south of Charlottesville.

"I can tell you, having seen them," continued Gil Harrington, "that girl even had some lovely bones."

The attractiveness of the blonde, blue-eyed victim and the sudden, heart-breaking mystery following her ...

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Search ends: As devastated parents grieve, hunt for killer intensifies

news-findmorgan-houseposterThe missing Morgan poster and the main house at Anchorage Farm where a body was found. VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT HISTORIC RESOURCES;

After all the rain and high winds in recent days, 68-year-old North Garden area cattle farmer Dave Bass says he went out Tuesday morning, January 26, to check his fences. Around 8:30am, in an area he describes as far from Route 29 South, which fronts his farm, he spotted what he initially thought might be a deer carcass.

"I was on my tractor feeding cows on a remote part of the farm I don't normally go to," says Bass, who quickly realized he had spotted a body.

"It's a shock," says Bass.

State Police Colonel W. Steven Flaherty convened a press conference in Charlottesville at 5 o'clock that evening where he said that, due to "significant items of evidence," investigators believe the body was indeed Morgan Dana Harrington, the 20-year-old who ...

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