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Survivor's return: Bradley and vintage DC-3 coming to CHO

cover_large-philbradleyinsetBradley and the crash of Piedmont Flight #349 were the subject of a last October Hook cover story. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER

Phil Bradley, the sole survivor of a 50-years-ago airliner crash near Crozet, will appear in Charlottesville in May as part of a commemorative tour that includes an airport appearance from a DC-3 just like the ill-fated one that crashed on October 30, 1959, killing 26 of the 27 people aboard.

"We think the story needs to be told," says organizer and Lynchburg-area resident Donald Stokes, who with fellow aviation aficionado Wally Coppinger of Charlotte, North Carolina, have decided to front the nearly $5,000 cost of revving up a vintage DC-3 to take Bradley and several other VIPs on a path similar to what Piedmont Airlines Flight #349 was supposed to have traveled that fateful, foggy night.


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Pantera find: Shirt on 15th Street was Morgan Harrington's

news-morgan-panteraUVA second year Blaine Eichner, who requested his face not be shown, points to the spot where he found Morgan Harrington's Pantera t-shirt on a bush outside his apartment building  at the corner of 15th Street and Grady Ave last November.PHOTO BY COURTENEY STUART

Six months into the Morgan Harrington murder case, police have dropped a bombshell: Forensic testing has concluded that the black Pantera t-shirt found on a bush outside an apartment building at the corner of 15th Street and Grady Avenue belonged to Harrington and is the one she was reportedly wearing when she disappeared after attending an October 17 Metallica concert at John Paul Jones Arena. The news is the first major development in the case to be made public since the discovery of Harrington's body on January 26 on a 740-acre farm in southern Albemarle County, and it comes as a shock to those...

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Art-deco ditched: Mauled facade to get historic treatment

onarch-victory-design0913The approved design for the fa�§ade of the former Victory Shoe store is a victory for the circa 1921 original facade. PHOTO COURTESY GALVIN ARCHITECTS
onarch-victory-design0913The approved design for the fa§ade of the former Victory Shoe store is a victory for the circa 1921 original fa§ade. PHOTO COURTESY GALVIN ARCHITECTS

Last November, city officials called the un...

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The Chang effect: Wooing palates, breaking hearts--- and why he left

cover-chang-fishdish0912Peter Chang's food has created a frenzy among foodies. PHOTO BY JEN FARIELLO

Last fall, word that a famous Szechuan chef had quietly set up in Charlottesville had foodies salivating. There was a small newspaper mention and online chatter from groupies who track his every move, but after a March 1 story in the New Yorker, diners went into a feeding frenzy.

“We were surprised that it became so popular so fast,”says restaurant co-owner John Rong during a lunch time interview last week. “We noticed business going up after the story in the Hook, too, but when that story in the New Yorker come out..."


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'Personal reasons': UVIMCO chief Brightman inexplicably departs

news-rotunda-snow-uvimco-brightmanBrightman arrived at UVA in December, 2004. HAWES SPENCER PHOTO; UVA PHOTO INSET

Christopher Brightman, the man at the helm of UVA's investment arm–- which lost a billion dollars during the 2008 market turmoil–- has suddenly resigned for "personal reasons" unrelated to the group's operations, according to a published report.

Brightman, who, a little over a year ago, steadfastly declined to directly speak with Charlottesville reporters about the endowment funds he was managing, appears to be maintaining that silence. However, he apparently did tell a financial newsletter called Pensions & Investments that he plans to return to the investment world after resolving his unspecified personal issues.


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