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Playing defense: Legal eagles prognosticate on Huguely strategy

cover-laxmurder-franlawrenceDefense attorney Francis McQ. Lawrence, with partner Rhonda Quagliana, faces the media horde after client George Huguely's first court appearance. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE

George Wesley Huguely V is not the first UVA student to be charged with murder.

In 2003, Andrew Alston was charged with second degree murder for stabbing local firefighter Walker Sisk to death on the Corner, and many were stunned when a jury sentenced him to three years for voluntary manslaughter.

So what can a shocked community expect when Huguely eventually comes to trial?

The Hook checked with a couple of top gun defense lawyers to see how they'd defend the young man who made...

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Mall man: Urban pioneer Chuck Lewis has died

news-chucklewis-magsLewis' accomplishments were noted in magazines such as Albemarle, left, and an economic development brochure, right. LEWIS FAMILY COLLECTION

One of Charlottesville's leading businesspeople, the man credited with creating the first major wave of residences on the Downtown Mall, has lost his battle with cancer, according to family members. Charles E. "Chuck" Lewis III died Monday, May 3.

He will be remembered not only for putting people on the Mall but also for a rags-to-riches story that included founding a major local produce company–- part of a love story that broke his heart.

According to his autobiography, All the Riches of Job, Lewis never got over the death of his wife and business partner, the former Kathy Jotz, who died at the age of 42 in 1989 due to a severe nighttime asthma attack. Lewis would later name both the produce company–- which the couple started with an old car and $250–- and a new co...

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Sole survivor's DC-3 flight canceled

cover_large-philbradleyinsetBradley and the crash of Piedmont Flight #349 were the subject of a last October Hook cover story. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER

For the second time in 50 years, a flight problem has meant that Phil Bradley won't be landing in Charlottesville. The 83-year-old North Carolina man famously survived the 1959 crash that claimed 26 lives on final approach, but organizers of a commemorative event slated for May 5 decided not to tempt fate when a brake problem was discovered in the aging DC-3 that was to bring Bradley to the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Wednesday.

Organizer and Lynchburg-area resident Donald Stokes says that parts can't be obtained in time to make the flight but that Bradley will go forward with a tal...

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Oh, Mann: Cuccinelli targets UVA papers in Climategate salvo

ken_cuccinelli_04Show him the papers–- or else. CUCCINELLI CAMPAIGN

No one can accuse Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli of shying from controversy. In his first four months in office, Cuccinelli  directed public universities to remove sexual orientation from their anti-discrimination policies, attacked the Environmental Protection Agency, and filed a lawsuit challenging federal health care reform. Now, it appears, he may be preparing a legal assault on an embattled proponent of global warming theory who used to teach at the University of Virginia, Michael Mann.

In papers sent to UVA April 23, Cuccinelli's office commands the university to produce a sweeping swath of documents relating to Mann's receipt of nearly half a million dollars in state grant-funded climate research conducte...

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Survivor's return: Bradley and vintage DC-3 coming to CHO

cover_large-philbradleyinsetBradley and the crash of Piedmont Flight #349 were the subject of a last October Hook cover story. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER

Phil Bradley, the sole survivor of a 50-years-ago airliner crash near Crozet, will appear in Charlottesville in May as part of a commemorative tour that includes an airport appearance from a DC-3 just like the ill-fated one that crashed on October 30, 1959, killing 26 of the 27 people aboard.

"We think the story needs to be told," says organizer and Lynchburg-area resident Donald Stokes, who with fellow aviation aficionado Wally Coppinger of Charlotte, North Carolina, have decided to front the nearly $5,000 cost of revving up a vintage DC-3 to take Bradley and several other VIPs on a path similar to what Piedmont Airlines Flight #349 was supposed to have traveled that fateful, foggy night.


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