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Timely disposal: City dumps RSWA for Van der Linde

news-verderlinde-aerial31Van der Linde's recycling facility(surrounding the holding pond) is permitted to handle 1,000 tons of trash a day. The RSWA's Ivy transfer station: 150 tons a day PHOTO BY SKIP DEGAN

Last year, our local governments stood behind the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority as it spent nearly $400,000 trying to prove that recycling entrepreneur Peter Van der Linde had defrauded area tax payers. Now it appears that tax payer funds, including disposal fees that once went to the RSWA, will be headed Van der Linde’s way.

Last week, Charlottesville City Council said good-bye to its long-standing support agreement with the RSWA, which had required City trash be taken to an RSWA-sponsored transfer station for the purpose of collecting a “service contribution fee” to support the Authority’s services, a...

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Eight months: Harringtons mark anniversary with frustration, hope

news-harringtons-arrivingDan and Gil Harrington arrive at the Copeley Road Bridge on June 17, the eight-month anniversary of their daughter Morgan's disappearance. PHOTO BY COURTENEY STUART

On the eight-month anniversary of their daughter's disappearance during an October 17 Metallica concert in Charlottesville, and nearly five months after her decomposed remains were found on a remote corner of an Albemarle County farm, Morgan Harrington's parents, Dan and Gil Harrington, speak of their increasing frustration– not only with the lack of an arrest in the case– but with Virginia State Police and UVA administrators, whom both Harringtons criticize directly.

"They have not been on top of things when it comes to letting people know there's a murderer here," says Gil Harrington, standing on the Copeley Road bridge in front...

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Mili-mouthing: Local man fronts Doors legends Manzarek-Krieger

news-jimmorrisonmatijevic-live-smMili, right, works the shadows while Manzarek holds the light. PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER

RICHMOND–- For just $20, concertgoers got to hear songs of the 1960s rock group whose frontman combined poetry, sex appeal, and self-destruction so powerfully that Oliver Stone made a film called simply The Doors. And now a Charlottesville man has been tapped to step into the leather pants of the late Jim Morrison.

However, Miljenko Matijevic, who maintains his own recording studio on East Market Street, has yet to literally step into any spotlights with the band now called Manzarek-Krieger. Despite his Morrisonesque gryrations and ear-busting intonations, Matijevic performed without direct illumination throughout most of Monday...

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Rooms with a View: New Monticello boss opens rarely seen rooms

cover-monticello-domeroom-cThe mysterious third-floor Dome Room will finally be open to the public on June 11. PHOTO BY TOM DALY

Monticello was designed for the pleasure and architectural curiosity of its owner, but as a new tour and exhibit will show, it was also designed for the enslaved workers who moved about the house relatively unseen, serving food, changing linens, and emptying chamber pots.


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No kiddin': Family values candidate lost custody of children

cover-feda-mortonFluvanna resident Feda Kidd Morton hopes her grassroots efforts will overcome a lack of cash on hand in the 5th District Republican primary. PUBLICITY PHOTO

Could one of the top "family values" candidates have a big family problem? Documents reviewed by the Hook suggest that Feda Kidd Morton, a Republican seeking the nomination to run for U.S. Congress in the 5th District, lost custody of her four minor children in 2004 over her alleged "anger and bitterness." Morton has moved to block the custody story, having allegedly secured a temporary injunction stopping anyone from publishing such documents.

"The Fluvanna Circuit Court Judge entered a temporary injunction Friday afternoon [May 14], enjoining and prohibiting [the candidate's ex-husband] and others from possessing, disseminating, and/or publishing any and all information, documents, and/or transcripts arising from the proceedings in the juvenile court...

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