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Top secret: Did taxpayers get burned by Biscuit Run?

It seems like a simple question: How much will taxpayers pay to make Biscuit Run a Virginia park? Nearly a year after the

cover_biscuitrun_0943October 28 Hook cover image.

It seems like a simple question: How much will taxpayers pay to make Biscuit Run a Virginia park?

Nearly a year after the state's under-the-wire purchase of the 1,200-acre tract that had been slated to become Albemarle's biggest subdivision, the would-be developers and state officials appear to have successfully deflected inquiries about the value of tax credits that made the deal possible–- even as the Virginia state senator who penned the legislation establishing such tax credits now calls the secrecy "disturbing."

Meanwhile, tranquility-quashing plans remain to build 100 houses within the new park's perimeter.


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Conflicting tales: The unfolding tragedy at the VQR

cover-vqr-finalThe Hook has new details on the VQR tragedy.PHOTO ILLUSTRATION

"911," the dispatcher says.

"Hi," says the male caller. "You need to send a police car and an ambulance to the dirt road that runs off Water Street."

"Okay, what's going on?"

"Ah, there's been a shooting," says the caller.

"Okay, how many people are shot?"

The caller hangs up. The dispatcher calls back, gets an answering machine.

"Hi, this is Kevin Morrissey. Leave a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can..."

Transcript of Kevin Morrissey's July 30, 2010 911 phone call.



Nearly three months after V...

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Morgan milestone: UVA, Harringtons to unveil plaque on sad anniversary

photophile-morganbirthday-bannerThe shrine to Morgan Harrington on the Copeley Bridge (pictured here during a July birthday gathering for Morgan) was removed on October 4 to make way for a permanent plaque, which will be dedicated on October 17, the one year anniversary of her disappearance. FILE PHOTO BY COURTENEY STUART

Christmas. Her 21st birthday. The beginning of a new school year. Over the past 12 months, Dan and Gil Harrington have marked one milestone after another without their daughter, Morgan, who disappeared after attending a Metallica c...

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Love's legacy: Sullivan urges vigilance, voices at UVA

news-rotunda-black-veilFor the September 24 Day of Dialogue, the Rotunda columns become a public art project called "Lines of Darkness and Light," a meditation on the death of Yeardley Love. PHOTO BY LISA PROVENCE

Almost five months after the University of Virginia reeled from the brutal murder of one of its own, an air of mourning still pervades the Lawn. Columns of the Rotunda are clad in black veils on one end, and on the other, a preponderance of black-clad students, faculty, and staff stream into Old Cabell Hall for the start of the university's Day of Dialogue: Toward a Caring Community.

The day is a continuance of a discussion that started May 3, said UVA President Teresa Sullivan. That was when the death of fourth-year ...

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$22/foot: Hospital campus sold for just $6.5 million

cover-pedbridge-locustThe Martha Jefferson Sanatorium was chartered in 1903 and opened on the site the following year. FILE PHOTO BY WILL WALKER

The soon-to-vacated North Downtown campus of Martha Jefferson Hospital has been sold to the developer of the Gleason condo complex with a price–- $6.5 million–- that appears smaller than other downtown deals. But a pair of local investors don't smell any sweetheart dealing.

"It does sound cheap," says realtor Roger Voisinet. "But on the other hand, there are some daunting expenses to convert it."

Voisinet notes that making it an assisted-living facility would probably entail the lowest conversion cost, but he wasn't sure whether there's a market for another one of those in town. And Developer Richard Spurzem notes that just holding such a mammoth place can chew up resources.

"It's a huge amount of land," says Spurzem. "You gotta heat it and keep security when it's vacant."

The buyer, Octagon Partners, appears to be getting 8.113...

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