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'You're sued!' Bank of America files against The Donald

The colorful efforts of Donald Trump to buy Patricia Kluge's former home have pushed Bank of America so hard that the bank has apparently gotten fed up and filed suit against the New York-based powerbroker. The case revolves around Albemarle House– a storied mansion of over 23,000 square feet that Kluge once offered for sale for $100 million but ultimately lost earlier this year at a foreclosure auction.

Trump, who has snapped up the surrounding properties and peppered them with no-trespassing signs in a brazen effort to scare off competing bidders, has lambasted the bank's effort to sell the house to anyone but Trump himself.

"Maybe someone is stupid enough to buy the house," Trump recently told the Wall Street Journal. "I wish them luck."

Bank of America, which had lent Kluge nearly $23 million against Albemarle House, transferred the property to a subsidiary called Quality Properties, and the 98-acre estate is jointly listed by the Richmond office of CB Richard Ellis and Charlottesville-based estate broker Jim Bonner for $16 million.

The sticking point is that Trump owns Albemarle House's front yard, and he maintains that even if the bank finds a buyer, he retains the option of matching the price and buying the mansion, which...

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Not political? Boyd names bypass terminus committee

Sometimes it seems there's nothing local governments love better than to set up citizen task forces. That's why it was so out of the ordinary to hear a rash of criticism when Rivanna District Supe Ken Boyd called a press conference to announce an advisory group for the soon-out-for-bid-yet-undesigned Western 29 bypass northern terminus.

"Today’s announcement by Ken Boyd is another bypass on public input," says Cynthia Neff, who is challenging Boyd for the Rivanna seat. "It is just the latest bad decision for the residents of Albemarle County since the late-night vote to approve the bypass on June 8."

Board Chairwoman Ann Mallek questioned the use of the county's spokeswoman to set up the news conference.

And fellow Supervisor Dennis Rooker challenged Boyd's standing to set up a committee on a project like the bypass, and says that should be done by the entire board. Two weeks later, Rooker named his own committee to represent the Jack Jouett District in planning the road.

Boyd says the committee came out of a town hall meeting with constituents in Forest Lakes, who are concerned because when the original bypass was designed 20 years ago, Forest Lakes South wasn't there.

The dozen members of the task force include former Rivanna supervisor Charles Martin, former School Board member Sue Friedman, and residents of Forest Lakes and Hollymead.


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Stocking up: Gourmet eats... après le déluge

Fortunately Hurricane Irene didn't bring the rain and winds and days without power that 2003's Isabel did, nor did the Cuckoo quake leave us electricity-less. But with microbursts and Snowpocalyse-type events popping up all too frequently in this area, you know it's only a matter of time before the power goes out.

The hurricane brought the requisite warnings to check the family emergency survival kit and load up with nonperishables that don't require cooking. We wondered what else could see us through the storm besides Spam and Beanee Weenees, and asked some local food and/or survival experts what they'll be chowing down on if the power goes out.

LIsa McEwan– Hotcakes

"Think picnic," says Lisa McEwan. She'll have a baguette, cheese– "goat cheese for me, white cheddar for my husband"– and olives. Dried fruits like dates or apricots will also be on hand. Go with red wine instead of white, she suggests.

His-and-her Pepperidge Farm Cookies are another essential. She likes Genevas, while husband Keith Rosenfeld prefers raspberry Milanos.

For breakfast, McEwan suggests a Luna bar– "the salty-sweet one, which would go with cheese as well."

And for a caffeine fix for those with a way to heat wate...

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Commemorations planned for tenth anniversary of 9/11

The public can watch a march of Charlottesville's first responders and get a peek at the city's own chunk of World Trade Center steel as part of the "Weekend of Remembrance and Honor" to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the events of 9/11/01. Key events on Sunday, September 11, take place on the Downtown Mall and include an array of musical groups paying tribute to the horrific nation-changing events that occurred a decade earlier.

"The Mall is going to be a sea of over 200 flags," says one of the organizers, Merry Thomasson. "Besides New York, Charlottesville is going to have one of the most significant commemorations in the country."

There'll also be a speech by a retired admiral, with musical tributes from groups such as UVA's Black Voices and Glee Club, the brass ensemble of the Municipal Band– plus a performance of Gabriel Fauré's moving Requiem by the Virginia Consort and Orchestra.

The march down the Mall begins at 4:45pm with the featured event at 5pm in the nTelos Wireless Pavilion. The evening is capped with a free 7:15pm screening of a documentary called Rebirth at the Paramount Theater.

Across the mountain, Natural Bridge-based impressario "Professor" Mark Cline has something equally– if not more– dramatic in store. As previously reported, near the K...

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Milestone managing Jefferson School rehab

The article in last week's paper on the Jefferson School (Finally: Jefferson School Ready for Renovation, August 25, issue 1034) misspelled and incorrectly identified the role of Milestone Partners. The firm is not "doing the rehab," but is actually managing the project. The firm handling the construction is Kjellstrom and Lee.

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