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Case of cop accused of rape continued

Former County police officer Sean M. Horn, who arrested and charged with rape on January 5, was scheduled to appear in court Monday, February 27, but the preliminary hearing in the case has been rescheduled, again.

Horn, 42, has been charged in an alleged Thanksgiving Day weekend rape in 2011, "accomplished through the use of the victim's mental incapacity or physical helplessness," according to an arrest warrant. Police have said the arrest follows a "thorough investigation."

Because the case is being handled in Albemarle County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, and Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Darby Lowe said that there was an "adult victim" in the alleged rape, it's possible that the victim is a family member.

On January 6, Judge Dwight Johnson granted a motion by the defense to bar media from the bond hearing due to concerns about pre-trial publicity, something Hook legal expert David Heilberg said is "very rarely imposed."

At the time of his arrest, Horn was a Reserve Deputy with the Albemarle County Sheriff's Office. His boss, Albemarle County Sheriff J.E. "Chip" Harding, said the charge made it necessary to decommission Horn, but cautioned people about jumping to conclusions and said that Horn had "served well."

"Give our justice system ample opportunity to hear all the facts before re...

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Convicted Huguely: What's next for 'Georgie'?

The most vivid emotion after the 26 years meted out for the murder of almost-graduated UVA student Yeardley Love came from a little girl. Seemingly a cousin to the just-convicted George W. Huguely V, she rushed out the front door of the Charlottesville Circuit Courthouse sobbing out, "That's too much."

But is it? A few notches above the 22.5-year midpoint, it's well within the allowable second-degree murder range of 5 to 40 years. Barring any reduction by Judge Edward Hogshire, the state's insistence that prisoners  serve at least 85 percent of their sentences means the now 24-year-old Huguely, credited for time served, is on track to remain behind bars until June 2032– about three months before his 45th birthday.


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St. Maarten Café set to re-open

When St. Maarten Café abruptly closed at the end of January after 26 years, the outpouring of nostalgia and grief was immediate. A Friends of St. Maarten Café Facebook group had 350 members by 6pm on the day this news was reported at, and some of those commenting describe bursting into tears at hearing the news. The following day, a vigil was held outside the door of the restaurant, with people leaving flowers and cards. Owners Jim and Lisa Roland, who finally chose to retire, said they were stunned by the reaction.

Today, the Facebook group has 795 members.

And now there's some more stunning news. Thanks to a group of long-time patrons and investors, St. Maarten will reopen.

"We always used to joke about how we should all get together and buy the place," says Tim Mulholland, a Charlottesville-based information technology executive, who, along with four fellow members of the UVA Trigon Engineering Society's alumni network, partnered with recent St. Maarten managers Russ and Nicole Hamilton. The New St. Maarten Trading Company LLC closed on the sale of the restaurant last week.

"It's nice we can come in and keep it the same old place," says Russ Hamilton. "It's nice to take over the legacy."

Mulholland says that dedicated St. Maarten fan...

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Toasty trio: Three Charlottesville fireplaces worth visiting

Ol’ man Winter has given Central Virginians a break, but we still have to get through March before dogwoods bloom, so chances are good a bitter wind will blow a little more snow and ice our way.

And you know how the song goes: “When the weather outside is frightful, the fire is so delightful….”

Thanks to cracked chimneys and flues, fireplaces are out this year in University of Virginia Lawn rooms, and I hear the Boar’s Head Inn is converting some guest room fireplaces to the gas-fed variety. Plenty of local restaurants offer those, too, but frankly, they’re just not the real thing.

So just where can you go in Charlottesville for an authentic winter fireplace experience?

Here are three of my favorites.  Perhaps Hook readers will know of some others.

Dürty Nelly's Pub & Wayside Deli
2200 Jefferson Park Avenue

A half dozen bar stools and a handful of tables line the intimate and dimly-lit aisle that comprises the larger part of Dürty Nelly’s Pub, a Jefferson Park Avenue establishment that shares a building with the JPA FasMart convenience store and Nelly’s own Wayside Deli dining room.

If the general population may recognize the pub more as a directional landmark than a great place to belly up to a hot fire, Fry’s Spring neighborhood residents like John Anderson know better. Anderson tends the fire as reliably as “Ms. Sherry�...

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FunStuff: Charlottesville events March 1 and beyond

Art interactive
Thanks to artist Daniel Canogar, Second Street Gallery will be turned into an audio-visual experience not to be missed. Using discarded electronic materials from our throw society, such as computer cables, telephone wires, and DVDs, Canogar creates interactive sculptures that mimic our tissues, nervous systems, and brains. The show is called "Reboot" and will be up during the entire month of March.
March 2, Second Street Gallery, 5:30-7:30pm. Free



Art & Poetry
At The Garage on First Street, the gallery and music space beside Hill & Wood funeral home, you'll find a collection of photographs and poetry by Margaret Montague and Abigail Lee, whose exhibition "Material" explores the ideal of success and the pursuit...

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