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Wine tale: Veritas makes State Department debut

Last week, the folks at Veritas Vineyard & Winery in Afton had a challenge and an honor– serving up their wine at a State Department luncheon with the Prime Minister of England David Cameron, Vice President Joe Biden, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

"Veritas Wines were used in a toast to Prime Minister Cameron, which we are pleased as punch about," says winemaker Emily Pelton

The daughter of Veritas owners Andrew and Patricia Hodson, Pelton has won a gold medal in the Governor's Cup for her 2010 Vintner's Reserve, but she was really bedazzled by what happened in Washington

"It was a breathtaking event, and I was terribly proud to have my wine served," she says. "My parents are both from England, so it was doubly special to be there."

As Veritas Viognier 2011 and Claret 2010 were served, Pelton says she spotted former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Senator John Kerry and had a chance to speak to Biden and Clinton, but it was an exchange she had with Biden that she treasures. 

"Dad was taking pictures, and it was kind of obvious," recalls Pelton, "so I apologized to Vice President Biden and said, 'I’m so sorry; that is my Dad.' He stopped and told me a very detailed st...

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FunStuff: Charlottesville events March 29 and beyond

The scent of a neighborhood
One of Charlottesville's oldest neighborhoods, Belmont is known as one of its most colorful places as well. Now comes photographer Peter Krebs, a recent transplant from Brooklyn who spent two years capturing that color by shooting people and places along Monticello Road from Spudnuts to Moore's Creek. With on-the street portraits and impromptu photo booths set up inside businesses (such as Spudnuts, of course), Krebs created "Monticello Road," an exhibition of about three dozen prints (including Bobby and Buck, shown here at Moore's Creek Family Restaurant). The exhibition's Friday night launch party will be just one event in a month of Krebs-convened Belmont celebrations, most taking place at The Bridge, an Avon Street-facing arts center at 209 Monticello Road. Other events include a morning-after screening of the documentary film Still Life with Donuts and, in conjunction with the upcoming "Architecture Week," an April 17 panel on savvy planning.
April 6, The Bridge, 6-8pm, free


Grill a...

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Unlawful assembly? Capitol steps arrests raise key questions

You can eat lunch on the steps of the Capitol, but you can't protest there.

Photos of gun-equipped riot officers massed at the seat of state government and arresting 30 protesters– mostly women– have sparked a debate about the official response, which may have included up to seven hours of incarceration. The March 3 Richmond incident followed passage of the controversial bill requiring a pre-abortion ultrasound exam.

"The protesters seemed to be very peaceful," says House Minority Leader David Toscano (D-Charlottesville). "When you see weapons on the grounds of the Capitol, you have to wonder whether it's proportional."

Toscano fired off a letter to the Capitol Police asking for a review of protocols, noting that "the images of armed State Police in full riot gear removing Virginia citizens from the Capitol steps is troubling to many of our constituents and potentially places Virginia unfavorably in the national spotlight....

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Chipping away: True confessions of a juicer

Remember the chipper scene from Fargo? Frances McDormand is a cop investigating a homicide when she comes upon a man who is feeding, we are to believe, Steve Buscemi’s leg into a wood chipper.

In recent days, this scene came to mind over and over again. Every time I picked up a long, thick stalk of celery or a beefy carrot and fed it into my juice-making machine, the ear-splitting whine of the Juiceman– and my hand on the stalk, pushing insistently downward– called forth the chipper and Buscemi’s sock-footed leg.

This is what happens when a happy carnivore goes cold turkey vegan. Now, I have absolutely no moral or philosophical reason for becoming a vegan. I just want to be skinny. And so, I went on a juice fast.

Nothing but homemade fruit and vegetable juices: nothing to chew, no animal products whatsoever. I wanted to see how long I could stand it, and how many of those extra pounds I could lose.

If you’re wondering how anyone could be persuaded to do this, then you have not seen the documentary that I saw: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

It was made by an Australian, Joe Cross. He started out as one of those guys who look like they’re in their third trimester– with a burdensome, protuberant belly. He was, in his estimation, fat, sick, and nearly dead, with all signs pointing...

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Standing tall: Belmont townhouse offers light and more

Address: 213 Spruce Street, Charlottesville          
Neighborhood: Carlton/Belmont
Asking: $374,900
Assessment: $289,200
Year Built: 2007
Size: 1,840 fin. sq. ft  600 unfinished
Land: 0.10
Agent: Roger Voisinet, Re/Max Realty Specialists 434-974-1500
Curb Appeal: 7 out of 10

Fewer than 20 years ago, people were investing in “emerging” areas surrounding the revitalized downtown Charlottesville rather than crossing the bridge to Belmont. With a few ma & pa businesses, car mechanics, and Spudnuts, there wasn’t a lot to draw new residents— except affordability. Enter entrepreneur Coran Capshaw, who ventured into Belmont in 2003 and bought Mas barely a year after an attractive young couple began exposing patrons to an edgy, bare-bones nightspot with great food. Others soon followed suit, and The Happy Stripper made way for trendy eateries like The Local and Tavola.

The Belmont Lofts were constructed at that same time, adding density and metropolitan chic to the hub. The increased foot...

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