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"In art everything is possible, but everything is not necessary.” ― Arvo Pärt Icelandic band goes dark You could count the number of famous music acts to come out of Iceland on one hand– there's Bjork, her band The Sugarcubes, folk group...

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Max commented on Jay Reatard
He needs to appeal the sentence - I bet a higher court in Richmond would free Seymour
Max commented on Adam Larrabee and John D'earth
I was born in Keswick, attended UVa and visit once or twice a year. I can not believe that Seymour got any time. Hookville, weenie capital of America - this and the faux bomb plot. The inmates are running the asylum. This cat was the intruder and shooting him was more humane than smacking the...
janet chaparro commented on The Free Bridge Quintet
i am sorry to heard about steve irwin when i saw news about steve was passed away last sept 4th i can't believe that he is too young to die and killed by stringray that sad....but i am pray for his wife and two kids too.. i know steve will be going to heaven watching over his wife and two kids stay...
D. Bateman commented on Adam Larrabee and John D'earth
Yeah but it's a pain to take the cover on and off for every trip you take. Been there, done that. One thing to try is to spray the cats with water when they're on your car, although if the finish on the car is precious they may claw it while leaping off.
DFitzgerald commented on Robert Kulek and Daniel Mueller-Schott
To shoot a cat is low. What a self absorbed punk of a coward. We should bring back stocks and public display where are the rotten tomatos when you need them. What a sorry ass.
maddison commented on The Free Bridge Quintet
i'm so sorry for you steve you were my hero you will be sadly missed but loved forever. god blees you, your family, and your great friends. now you are dead you are even cl0oser to me thaan befor. God Bless you for ever amin. xxxooo
maddison commented on The Free Bridge Quintet
Steve Iriwin was the best guy i have ever heard of like Peter Brock he was my hero and he was so daring and loved his dangerous animals. I tjought it was lovely of steve to show us how dangerous animals can be.
Jess commented on The Free Bridge Quintet
Steve was a fantastic person. He did so much for this country and most of all his family. We will all miss him so much but we will remember him as our Australian Hero. My heart goes to Terri, Bindi and Bob and his whole family, May God Bless you
The Dickey's commented on The Free Bridge Quintet
To: Teri and Kids We would like to send you our deepest condolences. We have enjoyed all of your shows and it has taught us many things like respect and appreciation of wildlife. Sincerly, Penny, Raymond, Alicia, and Henry Dickey from Minatare, Nebraska P.S....
michelles daycare commented on The Free Bridge Quintet
we all love steve and my daycare kids will miss him greatly. his love for crocodiles and his passion for animals will always be remembered in the daycare. our prayers go out to the beautiful family he left behind.

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