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"In art everything is possible, but everything is not necessary.” ― Arvo Pärt Icelandic band goes dark You could count the number of famous music acts to come out of Iceland on one hand– there's Bjork, her band The Sugarcubes, folk group...


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rick commented on Culture Festival
Over 100,000 thousand animals have been shot and left lay on the Channel islands off the coast of Southern California. They were killed because they were non-native and in some cases exsisted nowhere else on earth. After each eradication the Island fox population has plummeted or gone extinct in...
future expatriate commented on Culture Festival
Why ask why? Administrative procedures in large federal, state and local agencies, like large companies, are merely guidelines, written loosely, so that the organizations always have legal latitude to do what they want. If two employees run afoul of administrative procedures often times the one...
Adrian Barratt commented on Pressing Presentation
I have been to over 30 George Clinton / P Funk / Drugs / 420 Funk Mob gigs in the last 30 years. EVERY one was outnumbered by white funkateers than black. Usually 70% to 90% white attendees, especially in Europe
JJNH commented on Culture Festival
Terry S. Singeltary 9/13/2005 writes: "7. WHY is it that the Farm of the Mad Sheep of Mad River Valley were quarantined for 5 years, but none of these farms from Texas and Alabama with Atypical TSE in the Bovine, they have not been quarantined for 5 years, why not...." Terry, plain language...
notapigfarmer commented on Culture Festival
I'm not a pig farmer, but I work in agriculture. These people had pigs and didn't know about pseudorabies. That's kind of like owning a car and not knowing about flat tires.
cindi commented on Culture Festival
Please note that we are not shouting, "We're Morman". The only thing that had to do with the story is that we believe in a years supply of food to be kept in case of emergencies. Our hogs have fed many a person and family in our community. Being Morman, or I prefer, Latter Day Saint, is not the...
Alvin Henshaw commented on Culture Festival
I think it is time for us to change the name "UNITED STATES DEPT' OF AGRICULTURE os USDA' to "UNCLE SAM'S DUMB ASSES" so we can still call them the USDA'
Mark Henshaw commented on Culture Festival
As a relative of Danny's and former resident of Buckingham County, I have known him my entire adult life. Some will say that makes me biased in his favor, but anyone who knows him will admit that he is an upstanding man, honorable, friendly, courteous to a fault, and as law-abiding a citizen as...
future expatriate commented on Culture Festival
One for JJNH--figure it out. In order to reach the public your message will have to be carried by the media in one form or another-TV, radio, newspaper. Guess what? That's not going to happen because the media has policies set by those who own the media, and, lo and behold, you and I aren't on...
Ken Crawford commented on Rainbow Creatures
I don't understand how our local government does not rule in favor of the property owner. First and foremost she owns the property, other people are trespassing on that property and when she cannot get local authorities to help her keep those people out she puts up a fence that her own...

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