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"In art everything is possible, but everything is not necessary.” ― Arvo Pärt Icelandic band goes dark You could count the number of famous music acts to come out of Iceland on one hand– there's Bjork, her band The Sugarcubes, folk group...


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future expatriate commented on Culture Festival
to DELRIOMIKE--Guys like us need to leave, as long as we live here the rich get a free safety buffer from the millions of illegals that they have let in. This game is over. In a few decades we will be exchanging stories with Indians on a reservation. The guys I worked with at Army and CIA, the...
Goat Lady in Maine commented on Culture Festival
Untill we ALL stand together and have our collective voices heard through democratic channals we are nothing but an angry mob. What happened to Danny and Cindy could be any one of us with a pet chicken or HORSE under the proposed NAIS rulles. This was a plan begun with the best of intentions (to...
Sandy Wier commented on Culture Festival
I agree with Goatster--It is a time for change in all areas of our government--they are out of control!! It seems like this is just another under-handed ploy by the government to slip in and take more of our rights away. I am sure that the founding fathers of this nation are hiding their faces in...
Concerned Citizen commented on Culture Festival
This is just a ridiculous action of the USDA! What is the integrity of the USA (government) coming to? Danny and Cindi, I would get the best attorney you can find and then I am sure that some media will cover it. Are there any attorneys out there who understands this and will take this case? Or...
Dawn (Henshaw) Newman - Utah commented on Culture Festival
I was so disturbed by what I read! I can't believe there was no warning given to Danny and Cindi before the government just decided to come in and start their killing spree! They couldn't have been too concerned about contamination or they would've handled this situation much differently....
Caitlin commented on Culture Festival
(This is an email that I received...) There will be a protest on October 24 in Richmond. If you are interested. please come. If you can't be there, please forward this on to someone else that might be willing to show up. Thank you all, Cindi Henshaw It's official now: The protest against the...
Matt O'Bryan commented on Culture Festival
Big Brother? Its frightening how this situation was handled with violence, suprise attack, slaughter, bloodshed, violation of rights and armed lock down. . I would assert that some kind of official notification should have been in order. Allowing the Henshaws to test their herd and temporarily...
ELVIS commented on Culture Festival
Brenda Smith commented on Culture Festival
Dubya commented on Culture Festival
Look here folks, I'm gonna rightly do whata like. This is 'merica, and I'm still the Prez. You wanna make sum'n of it? "I get to do what I want". Carve that in a pig's ass, --Prez

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