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"In art everything is possible, but everything is not necessary.” ― Arvo Pärt Icelandic band goes dark You could count the number of famous music acts to come out of Iceland on one hand– there's Bjork, her band The Sugarcubes, folk group...


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Stewart commented on Book It
Dude, the tree they cut down was 48 inches and 148-years old.....priceless.....compared to that, what they replaced it with was a "sapling" as far as I'm concerned.
Doug commented on Family Flicks
Maybe the non-compete clause is too much as its currently specified. Maybe it does more harm than good for Matt (especially now). Nevertheless when I joined, I saw that clause before I signed and realized what I was agreeing too. I didn't think I'd ever care to start an outdoors club, and I wanted...
Anne commented on Harvest Heritage
It is clear that the Superintendant's office will simply propose this system at another time and place. When questioned as to whether the parent views counted, we were assured they were important. However, over and over Mr. Vale stated the proposals would only proceed based on their research and...
TK42ONE commented on Harvest Heritage
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Arbutus Madrona commented on Family Flicks
the non-compete clause in that contract is completely worthless... laughable.... Matt should have a smart attorney write a smart contract.. to protect himself from looking like an idiot. Competition is a fact of life.. Do a better job than everyone else and reap the rewards.
Mean Lawyers Suck commented on Family Flicks
The problem with the contract has nothing to do with liability or insurance. 90% of the actual liability is shielded by the partcipation agreement, not the member agreement. It's silly to say that members may not go places outdoors with other members, but the big problem is the non-compete...
doug commented on Family Flicks
I don't know what the big deal with this contract is. (A) OASC takes people out camping in the middle of the woods, takes people skiing, goes kayaking, rafting, etc... I'm sure that's an insurance nightmare. I'm sure Matt pays through the nose for insurance, and I'm sure Matt wouldn't be so...
arbutus madrona commented on Family Flicks
you gotta be kiddin' me.. what a crock.
gail commented on Harvest Heritage
William Weber, Could you give us the link to your website?
Brian commented on Book It
Ok, so how the heck is an 8" diameter tree a "sapling?!?!?" If you look up the definition of "sapling," says that it is not more than 4" in diameter at chest height. It sucks that they took the tree down, but at least they are being forced to put in a tree that is probably 15' tall....

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