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"In art everything is possible, but everything is not necessary.” ― Arvo Pärt Icelandic band goes dark You could count the number of famous music acts to come out of Iceland on one hand– there's Bjork, her band The Sugarcubes, folk group...


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charlotte carrera commented on Candy Bites
I have pulm htn. how dangerous is this?
Bridget commented on Harvest Heritage
I agree with the sentiments expressed by "a different opinion." I have a high achieving child at W.A.H.S. and a gifted artist child at W.A.H.S. My high-achiever is very happy there. My gifted artist is not. Do the above discussed changes include the watering down of academic levels as was...
Barbara Nordin commented on Shot in the Dark
Since it switched to "Embarq Solutions," seems like it would be Embarq. Thanks for the clarification re splitting off vs. merging. Best, Barbara The Fearless Consumer
Mary Goodwin commented on Shot in the Dark
The author needs to clarify what's going on in this article. The story begins by calling the plan "Sprint Solutions" then changes it to "Embarq Solutions". Which company is the author talking about? Embarq did not merge with Sprint, they split off from Sprint in May. The company that merged with...
chris beck commented on Flight Night
FYI: A quick phone call to Fuel Co. would have saved you some embarrassment, as "Chef Hockett" left there months ago.
a different opinion commented on Harvest Heritage
I am a parent of three Albemarle County School System students and an educator with 29 years of experience. I agree with the proposals of the committee. The proposed changes should have no effect on the achievements of the gifted and highly-motivated students; why would these high-achieving...
V commented on Book It
"Dudes" - The media coverage of this seems to have lost track of the bigger picture here. Maybe the city's process was disrespected, but the substance of the requirement was stupid. Everyone can agree a big, old tree is a good thing, especially to its owner (shade, beauty, whatever). Why not...
Chad Day commented on Family Flicks
CvilleDon, Thanks for the concern, but I had never even met Matt, nor anyone else in the Outdoor Social club, prior to starting up the CVSSC.
CvilleDon commented on Family Flicks
Chad, Something else you may want to consider. If you were a member of OASC before beginning your own Sports and Leisure Club, then you would have signed this contract. If that was the case then at any time Matt could choose to sue you for breach of contract. And there is a possibility he would...
CvilleDon commented on Family Flicks
Chad, Well that's the concern. The wording is so vague as to literally mean almost anything. Now perhaps his contract clearly states exactly what that is supposed to mean, but apparently not from what he's said. It appears that he, and he alone, decides about that. And should he chose to enforce...

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