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"In art everything is possible, but everything is not necessary.” ― Arvo Pärt Icelandic band goes dark You could count the number of famous music acts to come out of Iceland on one hand– there's Bjork, her band The Sugarcubes, folk group...


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Cat commented on Candy Bites
Charlotte Carrera PAH is a very serious condition. If your doctor will not/cannot give you the information you need go to There is a lot of information out there. Yes I have PH - was diagnosed last January after being treated incorrectly for astma for over a year. It is...
Muriel Cohendet commented on At the Root of it All
Hello, I would like to get in touch with Caroline Buckman, mentionned in this article. Is it possible for you to transfer my e-mail (above) to her or to send me her address ? Thank you very much. Sincerely Muriel Cohendet (France)
Ted commented on Economic Relief
So the new slogan for tourism is "Pursue Charlottesville"? As in what, like catch us if you can? Like we're ahead of everyone else? I don't know, maybe. But it's also reminds me of "hot pursuit", as in evasion, escape, etc. Did the City Manager's Office come up with that one?
Alisa commented on Harvest on the Hill
As a school bus driver, most accidents occur from the driver having to constantly look into the student mirror to get onto students standing or turning around in their seats (which is very dangerous in an accident). Seatbelts would remedy that problem, but in the event of an accident how would I...
mayapriya Long commented on In Harmony
Trunk's columns are always short, concise and on target. This one, as with most, was excellent. Have a 55 yr. old ex-programmer friend who is in transition and he avoids get-togethers because he knows people will ask him what he is doing. I keep telling him, "You AREN'T your JOB. Your intrinsic...
Perlogik commented on At the Root of it All
I liked the cover. Great steal from the sex pistols album
More Confused commented on At the Root of it All
Sorry if I upset you buckster, at least it seems like you have an "axe" to grind? Why did Barnes write, "But now, thanks to some Charlottesville venture capitalists, they have a new business. It's called Snocap." The truth is, Court Square had absolutely nothing to do with the Snocap founders...
buckster commented on At the Root of it All
Confused, I'd say you're confused because you're not very bright, not because Barnes is also seem to have a bit of an ax to grind...let me set you straight: The is no problem with the timeline. You are being way too nit picky. I read it and understood that Napster folded in 2002,...
Confused commented on At the Root of it All
Hats off to Lindsay Barnes for running with an interesting idea for a story that connects the music industry to our hometown, but it's unfortunately a very convoluted and confusing story. Right from the start, I found myself scratching my head. The article opens with the story of Napster's demise...
chris commented on At the Root of it All
hi would like to downlaoed some music

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