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Sick Of The Local Rambos commented on Making Sense
Kevin, your rely brings up another point of interest. When the pedestrian has an activated crosswalk signal, why can the city not give all directions of vehicular traffic a red light at the same time?
Sick Of The Local Rambos commented on Making Sense
Pinhead, I don't care if Jerry Mitchell was crossing against 8 Don't Walk signs measuing 80 feet x 200 feet, you don't run over a man in a wheelchair with a 4,500 pound full sized police car. Anybody who can't see a man in a wheelchair in a crosswalk has NO business driving a car, much less...
Kevin Cox commented on Making Sense
Sure it would have been relevant to point out all the circumstances of the accident. The driver of the turning police car did have a green light and the walk signal had not been activated. It would also be relevant to point out that it wouldn't have mattered if the walk signal had been activated....
No pinheads commented on Making Sense
Geez Ms Stuart, do you think it may be a relevant fact to report somewhere in your editorial that Jerry Mitchell was crossing the intercetion against a "do not cross" traffic signal which was clearly documented on the police video tape, oh and that the Police Officer had a green light. I know they...
Deborah commented on Easter on the Farm
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often. Deborah
Kevin Cox commented on Making Sense
Alison, I agree that having a person who uses a wheelchair on the committee would have helped the other members of the committee understand what they face when getting around Charlottesville. Here though, are a few things about the committe you may not be aware of. Jim Herndon, who has a mobility...
biglawdog commented on Spring Bonnets
they have to make a joint task force world wide to stop this. if people are facing felony charges and jail time for online scams they will stop
Alison Hymes commented on Making Sense
Is there anyone who uses a wheelchair on this advisory committee? Has the Independence Resource Center been asked for input by Chief Longo on accessibility and sidewalk improvements for people with disabilities in C'ville? You know, this is also a disabiity rights issue not just a police...
Sick Of The Local Rambos commented on Making Sense
Some of you whine too much. Go back and read the article again. It's not old news, let me give you a few clues of what to look for.... 1- "A year after Gerry Mitchell, what have Charlottesville police learned?" 2- "A year after the crosswalk incident, Gerry Mitchell says the effects of his...
Does it Matter commented on Making Sense
This was old news dredged up because the Hook tries to make news and not report it. It is called being lazy and avoiding journalistic principals.

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