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"In art everything is possible, but everything is not necessary.” ― Arvo Pärt Icelandic band goes dark You could count the number of famous music acts to come out of Iceland on one hand– there's Bjork, her band The Sugarcubes, folk group...


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tater salad commented on Waterlogged: Criticized pool pass pricing sunk
Perhaps the city should reimburse the parents of private schools for all of the money they DON"T have to spend on those kids. Then thge double charge would be fair.
Ulysses commented on Daddy's Little Girl
Could you help me. Resolve to edge in a little reading every day, if it is but a single sentence. If you gain fifteen minutes a day, it will make itself felt at the end of the year. I am from Cape and , too, and now am writing in English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: "I wish I...
Yikes commented on Sunday Afternoon in the Park
I grew up walking in the park. One of very few places within walking distance to get away from cars and noise and feel the beauty of Charlottesville. And the idiot city managers want to put a parkway through it??? All of you addicted to the automobile suck.
RichardOn commented on Rehabbed Greanleaf 'spray garden' opens tomorrow
Interesting site, but much advertisments on him. Shall read as subscription, rss.
mark commented on Give Thanks
Protecting one's family is more than a Constitutional right, it is a civil right. The people are supposed to be armed to control the goverment, not the other way around. Fear the goverment that fears your guns. Jeez...23000 gun laws on the books and these people want more? That is insane.
JJ commented on Rehabbed Greanleaf 'spray garden' opens tomorrow
Sue, I wondered the same thing. It's a bunch of fountains where kids (and maybe playful adults) can splash around to cool off. Sort of like running through the sprinkler on the lawn, only better. The newsplex has a story with a video:
esbee commented on Culture Festival
THE USDA is holding listening sessions NOW across the is time the Henshaws and Faillaces and other victims of USDA killing fields go tell their stories...see for dates, times and places or
Dean A. Ayers, Director, Animals C.L.U.B.- Freedom National commented on Culture Festival
There comes a time in life when a person or persons in this nation, have to take a stand in life against tyranny. And to date, many years later after this incident, it would appear to readers that the tyranny of government has won. Even JOB, in the Bible, was taken to life's task in every aspect of...
TimmyG commented on Y, not! Chair says Festival can coexist in park
I think it's highly unlikely that the Y ever gets off the drawing board. They still need to raise ~$7.5M (they've raised about $4M to date), and in this economy, with the stigma of the softball & Dogwood Festival controversies, I just don't see them ever finding big donors willing to associate...

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