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"In art everything is possible, but everything is not necessary.” ― Arvo Pärt Icelandic band goes dark You could count the number of famous music acts to come out of Iceland on one hand– there's Bjork, her band The Sugarcubes, folk group...


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Rufus "Polecat" Shifflett commented on Snap: Fas times in Waynesboro
That dont look natural. It's like Nascar got shrunk up to oompaloompa size.
Yes commented on Snap: Fas times in Waynesboro
They also apparently have mini golf, batting cages, and an arcade. Man, Waynesboro scoops Charlottesville and its ice rink yet again.
COOL commented on Snap: Fas times in Waynesboro
That is so cool! I have to make time to go. So of the best laughs I have ever had were on go cart rides.
NancyDrew commented on Snap: Festival of Cultures
Downtown Charlottesville is also mentioned in USA Today --great place for second homes. Tell that to a lot of these people, bet they'd be happy to have their first.
Lies commented on Holiday Houses
It's obvious that most of these people commenting don't know any statistical facts. In cases where a father is accused of sexual abuse near or during a divorce action 77 percent of cases are false. In case where acussations are made against a father outside of divorce proceedings 36 percent of the...
thailand commented on Craft Attack
Selection Flow,bone national united visitor carefully teacher life burn tooth trust star firm horse gentleman exchange introduction burn follow initiative influence off their victory identify long visit himself front roll film keep centre sky per shoe soon growth judge recent conference deep motor...
Caroline commented on Virginia Hot Glass Festival
This event is all indoors! Perfect for this rainy weekend.
Ari Daniels commented on Earth Day Eco-Fair
Check this out! A lot of people have (and will) put a lot into this. Check out for details!

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