June 21st, 2012 issue #1125

June 21st, 2012
  • 'Resign!' Students shout at Dragas after BOV picks interim prez

    A marathon session of the Board of Visitors ended the day after it began with no new resignations but with an interim president chosen and, afterwards, shouts of "resign" and "shame on you" ringing in the air, as a small band of students and others followed University of Virginia Rector Helen Dragas to her car at 3am. "You have done so much damage to this University," shouted one man. "Please resign."

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  • Dragas shrugged: Defiant rector hires PR firm

    With the UVA Faculty Senate formally requesting her resignation and a Board of Visitors meeting with ousted President Theresa Sullivan slated for Monday afternoon, the pressure's on for UVA Rector Helen Dragas to pull a rabbit out of a hat. But even her possible status as the most despised woman in Virginia doesn't appear to be bending her will. At least not yet, as she's hired one of the nation's priciest PR firms to help her manage the crisis.

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  • Sullivan appears: Pandemonium outside the Rotunda

    Shouts of "UVA, UVA" went up when recently ousted President Teresa Sullivan appeared before the marble steps of the Rotunda. Sullivan's statement: "Apparently, the area of disagreement appears to be just how that change should occur and at what pace," Sullivan told the Board of Visitors in closed session. "No matter how accomplished he or she may be, a president cannot read minds.  When you choose a new president, tell him or her what you are thinking."

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  • Unauthorized dialogue: 'Palace coup meets grassroots rebellion'

    An overnight message hand-scrawled in thick red marker defied UVA's official attempts to wipe it clean. G R E E E D (they added a bonus "E") spelled out over the six Corinthian columns on the north face of the Rotunda was visible Monday morning, June 18, as reporters searched in vain for the 9am secret meeting between the Board of Visitors and executive committee of the Faculty Senate.

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  • The week in review

    Least surprising win: Former senator and governor George Allen gets the Republican nomination in a June 8 primary and will challenge former governor Tim Kaine for Allen's o...

Editor's Note

  • Editor's note

    In my 23 years of newspapering this town, I cannot recall any event where the clash of two cultures– business and academia– was so intense and expressed in such...

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  • Property auctions

    June 21 at 3:30pm at the Albemarle Courthouse Property: 2499 Trainers Lane, North Garden Debtor: William C. and Dian B. Brent Original amount owing: $208,800 Bidder brings:...

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    COVERDragas shruggedIn a stunning coup that many believe threatens the fabric of Jefferson's historic university, the UVA Board of Visitors has overthrown popular president...


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  • Sullivan's legacy

    For all the Hook stories on the ouster of UVA President Teresa Sullivan, click HERE.

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    My introduction to real estate advertising was an issue of Mad Magazine in the 1960’s. Honest to goodness, discover Treesdale. (Techniques outlined in the magazine seem t...