February 9th, 2012 issue #1106

February 9th, 2012
  • Big scrap: Artists fight for their right to pick

    If you've ever hauled junk to the Meade Avenue place long known as Coiner's Scrap Iron and Metal, there's a chance that your old gutter, gear, appliance, or tin slab never got melted down, that it actually became part of a custom lamp, a sculpture, a reinvented machine, or a piece of "found art" that might hang in a fancy gallery in Washington, D.C., or even in the home of a rock star.

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  • Hook turns 10: A decade of digging

    The tale of the Hook's sudden founding ten years ago has oft been told, so I won't rehash it here. What I will repeat are a few exciting highlights. My personal favorite is the fact that the first issue rolled off the presses and hit the newsstands on February 7, 2002, the same day my youngest child was born.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Best break for gun-runners: Virginia's Senate passes a bill February 6 lifting the one-handgun-a-month law put into place in 1993 by Governor Doug Wilder to curb gun traffi...

The Dish


Real Estate - $old

  • Prime location wins strong price

    12/29/11 Albemarle Ronald A. & Kathleen F. Mordini to Margeret L. Vanekeren & Meredith Ann Dixon, 5935 Buck Ridge Road, $370,000 J. Timothy Beeghly to Edwin Norden...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • Unranched: Pop-up and more enliven in Fry's

    Address: 100 Troost CourtNeighborhood: Fry’s Spring, CharlottesvilleAsking: $359,900Assessment: $351,100Year Built: 1961Size:  2,580 finished sq. ft., 1,290 unfinish...

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    February 9 at 8:30am at the   Albemarle Courthouse Property: 2332 Austin Drive Debtor: Rebecca Hand Original amount owing: $225,190 Bidder brings: $20,000 or 10 p...

Movie Reviews

  • Relentless: Winter terror comes with fangs

    "The Grey" is an unrelenting demonstration that wolves have no opinion. When they attack, it's not personal. They've spent untold millennia learning how to survive, naked a...


  • Big chill: Biscuit Run presaged Wintergreen money mess

    A pile of debt, another warm winter, and the state's unwillingness to accept a dead appraiser's valuation for millions in already-spent conservation tax credits have pushed...

  • Bus-ted: Transit policy blocks Harrington ad

    As Charlotte Ding drove behind a public bus in Rochester, New York, an advertisement on the back of the vehicle pleading for help with an unsolved murder grabbed the former...

  • Final motions: Judge allows graphic photos in Huguely trial

    In anticipation of the largest murder trial Charlottesville has seen, a final hearing was held on Friday, with attorneys for accused girlfriend-killer George Huguely unsucc...

  • Going weekly: 'History Guys' hit the radio big time

    The wisecracking trio of UVA-affiliated academics who bring history to life through the radio program BackStory with the American History Guys will soon be giving Car Talk ...

  • Meadow Creek Parkway amid icy trees

    The just-completed weekend was gorgeous with its combination of ice-covered trees and very few power outages or roadway hazards. Few places near town were as scenic as the ...

  • Snap: Main Street in Orange

    Just another quiet Thursday afternoon on Main Street in the town of Orange, in this case the 26th of January.

  • Sunday hunting dies

    While the bill that recently passed with a resounding 29 to 11 vote in the Virginia State Senate may technically remain alive, a pack of similar bills failed to get past a ...

Online only

  • Huguely on trial: Slimmer-- as analyst describes his chances

    A jury selection in the first-degree murder trial of George Huguely V began Monday, February 6. The Hook's legal analyst, besides noting that this is the biggest career mom...

  • Table of contents

    COVERTen years?Hard to believe, but it's been a decade since the Hook's first issue hit stands, and we haven't stopped digging since. Join us as we take a look back on the ...


  • Electric cars run on coal

    The essay by Randy Salzman [January 26: "Dumb and dumber: Silly stuff that's supposed to be green"] was well-written and covered many important points. I truly applaud the ...

Black and White

  • Escherichia coli

    Do dog owners deal with their animals’ solid excreta?
 Pollution control people say that pet waste is a major source of e. coli in the Rivanna River. The City provides ...

Cultural preview