August 18th, 2011 issue #1033

August 18th, 2011
  • Fire on Ice

    Please, God, this isn’t happening. Where did I go wrong? What did I do wrong? When did this dusting of snow become so deep?

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  • The Canadian

    Jack soaked up the peacefulness that reigned in the locked and nearly soundproof employee restroom. He tossed two pills far into the back of his throat and then slurped sink water from his cupped hands. In the mirror, he tried to see himself the way he would appear to the corporate HR representatives who had requested his presence at a noon meeting.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Harshest weather: A severe storm pounds Charlottesville August 14 and leaves 7,000 without power in the city and more than 11,000 in the dark in the county. Park and Wertla...

The Dish

  • Sweet taste of success for Sweet Frog

    Since opening last summer, Sweet Frog, the self-serve frozen yogurt place on the Downtown Mall, has been been pumping out the stuff as fast as folks can work the handles on...


Question of the Week

Real Estate - $old

  • Sunny outlook?

    6/29/2011 Harris & Angela Hawk to Matthew & Margaret Holloman, 303 Old Lynchburg Road, $283,500, Charlottesville

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    August 18 at 11am at the Albemarle County Courthouse Property: 25 Spring Court Debtor: Daniel J. Bayliss Amount owing: $114,300 Bidder brings: 10 percent sale price Info: W...

Art Features

DR. HooK

Movie Reviews


  • Table of contents

    COVERSummer readingA pharmacist with a mistress and a Vicodin problem; three boys lost on a snowy Blue Ridge mountain with the search called off. Even with just a few days ...


On Architecture

The Brazen Careerist

Sports Doctor

Strange But True

Online only

  • Alleged murder-for-hire-seeking widow walks

    The woman accused of seeking a hitman to kill her late husband's girlfriend after she was omitted from her spouse's obituary has agreed to an Alford Plea that gives her no ...

  • Merle Haggard at the Pavilion

    Merle Haggard played the nTelos Wireless Pavilion on August 4, as these pictures by Milo Farineau indicate.

  • Snap: Arden Place going up

    It may seem like just yesterday that a member of the Woodbrook neighborhood was fretting about the arrival of "riff-raff." Today, however, the 212-unit Arden Place communit...

  • Snap: Getting ready for banking parade

    Wells Fargo officially celebrated its renaming of the former Wachovia banks in Charlottesville on August 9 with a little parade on the Downtown Mall and some speeches touti...


  • Actually, water detectors exist

    In the “Tales from the Front Line” section of the July 14 "Salvage your Home, Save the Planet" insert, I couldn’t help but notice a comment regarding water detection ...

  • Huja's got lotsa talents

    Your July 21 cover story “Hot Contests” gave a barebones description of City Council candidate Satyendra Huja. I would like to add to it his energy and expertise, prove...

  • Melampy mistreated by press, party

    I'm just now getting to read the article titled "Hot Contests," [the July 21 cover story subtitled, "Democrats clash in dog days of summer."] How my wife has dealt with lif...

  • Rail story should've scolded feds for missed opp at Dulles

    Your article [June 23 cover story: "Riding the rails: It's the only way to fly"] was interesting– partly because of the information it provided and partly because it ...

Black and White

  • NoVA

    Route 29 & Hydraulic Road, Charlottesville, Virginia• 2,000,000 square feet• A mixed-use development located in award-winning Charlottesville, Virginia – "the...