March 31st, 2011 issue #1013

March 31st, 2011

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Saddest accident: UVA first-year Thomas W. Gilliam IV dies March 27 after a fall off the Physics Building roof.

The Dish

  • Carmello's re-opening

    After nearly 20 years on Emmet Street, and more than a month of preparation, Carmello's will finally be re-opening in its new location on Fontaine Avenue this Friday, April...

  • Pho-nominal: Chang serves up new dishes

    If you were lucky enough to eat at Peter Chang's place earlier this month, you probably noticed the Pho on the menu. That's because Chang had a Vietnamese chef visiting fro...

  • Served raw: Hartman chews the fat with foodies

    Fancy head chef turned pit master Craig Hartman has now cooked up an "unscripted and raw" podcast interview series called Chew the Fat. He'll be talking with talented chefs...

  • Toshi Sato's mother found

    On Wednesday morning, just hours after we went to press with the story of Now & Zen owner Toshi Sato's wait for word of the fate of his mother and other relatives, who'...


  • Shaken ground: Sendai left deep impressions

    We arrived in Sendai in June. It was early summer, not too hot, and this city of a million welcomed us in its own way. Quietly, people helped my husband and me find an apar...

Real Estate - $old

  • Property transactions

    ALBEMARLE 7/27Michael L. Wright to Bonita A. Bossi, 4690 Oriole Court, $181,750.Bankunited to Amir Alonzo Jenkins, unit in Glenwood Station condominiums, 1052 Glenwood Stat...

Real Estate - Update

  • Still available

    APPEARED IN THE HOOK: December 9, 2010, in issue 0949 ADDRESS: 920 Rosser Lane, Rugby
 neighborhoodASKING PRICE: $845,000 (was $930,000)ASSESSMENT: $894,800 SELLER'S...

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    April 1 at 3pm at the Albemarle County Courthouse  Property: 1820 Steeplechase Run  Debtor: Stuart V. and Melissa A. Fielding  Amount owing: $279,200 ...

Art Features

DR. HooK

Movie Reviews


On Architecture

The Brazen Careerist

Sports Doctor

Strange But True


  • Michael Vick only sorry he got caught

    I am really having a hard time with the Sports Doctor. [November 25: "Giving thanks: Three cheers for two good sports"] Michael Vick has no remorse for what he did to those...

  • Salzman embodies elite 'cure' for fuel freedom

    Randy Salzman’s plea to make energy more expensive [Hook February 9 print edition: “Gas tax…It will stop regulations and wars”] embodies his continuing longing for ...

  • Taxpayers deserve better Biscuit

    Thank you for the excellent article [January 6 cover story: "Bad men? New numbers show spiraling cost of Biscuit Run"] This quality of investigative journalism greatly...

Black and White

  • Quercus alba

    Received a box of bare root oak trees middle of last week from Musser Forests. Traveled to Slabtown to plant. (The Virginia Department of Forestry was out of white oak see...

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4Better Or Worse

Black and White

Real Estate Property auctions

Real Estate - $old

Real Estate - Update