January 6th, 2011 issue #1001

January 6th, 2011
  • Bad men? New numbers show spiraling cost of Biscuit Run

    A year ago, an outgoing governor hailed the purchase of a flailing subdivision called Biscuit Run as a "bargain" for Virginia taxpayers. Now, however, newly leaked documents show that taxpayers may end up paying more than twice the price promised for a new park by then governor Tim Kaine.

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  • Breaking news: Eric Abshire arrested

    Eric Abshire and Justine Swartz Abshire on their wedding day in May 2006. She would be dead less than six months later. PHOTO COURTESY SWARTZ FAMILY

On Architecture

  • Ix nixed: New location for City Market?

    The Frank Ix Building along Monticello Avenue comes down. But what will take its place? PHOTO BY DAVE MCNAIR For years, the old Frank Ix building has been one

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