September 16th, 2004 issue #0337

September 16th, 2004
  • Dave, fame, and Haines: Celebrity, suicide, and the etiquette of envy

    Dave Matthews took a careful sip of his coffee. He'd just been to the dentist, and the right side of his face was noticeably swollen. "The guy's standing there prying open my mouth, scrapping the crap off my teeth and making my gums bleed and telling me about what a fan his daughter is– and could I sign a t-shirt for him after my cavity was filled," Matthews said.

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  • Haines Fullerton: Pulling it together and falling apart

    "It's kind of like John Nash," says one friend, likening Haines Fullerton's counseling to the character who inspired the recent film A Beautiful Mind. "The math was real even if he was schizo." For the people who got together to share their burdens and life's pains and joys, "Haines was about honesty," says Lisa Olsen, now a resident of Port Townsend, Washington, and the mother of one of the late musician's two children. She scoffs at the rumors that he ran a cult.

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The Dish

  • Cheesy trivia: Festival tempts the palate

    Cheese is not just for crackers anymore. As the 2nd Annual Artisan Cheese and Wine Festival will prove on Saturday September 18 (See Calendar, page 43), cheese is playing a...


Question of the Week

  • Ever heard of the band called The Deal?

    Daniel Shae: "I have no idea. I was on tour with Judas Priest in the '80s." Rob Walker: "I know The Deal. I'm trying to buy a Cadiliac off one of the guys who used to be ...

Real Estate - $old

  • $old

    Albemarle 7/6  Charles W. and Catherine Gross to Ronald P. and Jane L. Sykes, 2602 Huntington Road, Northfields, $285,000. Mary Jane Baber Johnson to John L. Baber, ...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • Quirky: Ivy farmhouse full of surprises

    ADDRESS: 2610 Dick Woods Road ASKING: $499,900 SIZE: 2,380 fin. sq. ft., 595 unfin. YEAR BUILT: 1900 NEIGHBORHOOD: Ivy CURB APPEAL: 9 of 10 LISTED BY: Alice Nye Fitch, Mont...

Real Estate - Update


    APPEARED IN THE HOOK: February 26, 2004, in issue 0308 ADDRESS: 4026 River Road, Faber ASKING PRICE: $1,295,000 NOW ASKING: $1,295,000 LISTED BY: Jim Bonner, Roy Wheeler Re...

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    September 17, 2004, at 10am, at the Charlottesville Courthouse Property: 723 Prospect Avenue Debtor: Debra M. Jackson Amount owing: $55,470 Bidder brings: 10 percent of th...

Movie Reviews

Music Reviews

  • Snzzzz...: Buy NoDoz before listening

    Various Artists: The Groove Boutique: Volume One  Selected and Mixed by Rafe Gomez(Tommy Boy Records) In my humble opinion, quantized or electronic drums– combi...


The Brazen Careerist

Sports Doctor

Strange But True

  • Mars mons: Try space mountaineering

    DRAWING BY DEBORAH DERR McCLINTOCK  Q. You x-treme mountain climbers out there, where might you go to ascend to heights well beyond the peak of Mt. Everest? -J. Kraka...



  • Sheri Iachetta: Registrar with a cause

    Sheri Iachetta staunchly proclaims her nonpartisanship. And just when you think you see a hint of where her political allegiances lie– a Democratic donkey Beanie Baby...


  • Broadband does interfere

    In a recent letter, Tony Whelan, CEO of an Internet service provider, makes the claim that his "very live roll-out" of broadband-over-powerline (BPL) Internet does not inte...

  • I wouldn't insult locals

    Lord knows I wasn't trying to insult anyone (it's not my way) when I wrote in about the pronunciation of Monticello [September 2: "Do locals always rule?"]. I have been ext...

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