April 22nd, 2004 issue #0316

April 22nd, 2004
  • Back home: DMB in the studio... here

    DMB's much awaited seventh album– their sixth with RCA– just came a step closer. Band members entered their new Charlottesville studio late last month, according to Waldo Jaquith, founder of DMB fansite nancies.org. Jaquith says the new recording space is located south of town, and, based on photos he's seen, it's "beautiful," he says. ATO spokesman Patrick Jordan confirms the band was here a couple of weeks ago but says they aren't studio bound now.

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  • Beyond Jem: ATO's a diverse family

    ATO currently has eight artists on its roster (plus represents the soundtrack from the award-winning documentary Amandla!). Though Jem's grabbing much of the spotlight right now, her ATO sibs are no slackers. David Gray Type of music: Contemporary rock ATO albums: White Ladder, 2000 RCA/ATO; Lost Songs 95-99, 2001 RCA/ATO

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  • Dig it! This Jem wants to shine

      As reigning king of rock, Dave Matthews has often knighted unknown princes. The Gin Blossoms, Ben Harper, and David Gray all benefited from Dave's magic touch. Now, an unknown Welsh woman– and at 28, nobody's calling her a girl– will test whether Dave's magic can work for women, too. Was it signing with Matthews' label, ATO Records, that propelled Jem's freshman effort, Finally Woken, into the hands of critics across the country? Or her own talent and drive?

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Worst week for 20,000 American troops in Iraq: Their homecomings are postponed for another three months because of Iraqi uprisings in the bloodiest month of the war yet. Mo...

The Dish

  • Empty shelf: Creamery gone for good

    Last week, while dairy-lovin' Dish was reporting on local ice-cream and gelato happenings, such as the soon-to-come gelato-café Splendora's, the recently bankrupted Shenvi...


  • Bad gay: Should Hitler be outed?

    In the fall of 2001, the terrorist attacks led to the cancellation of a slew of book tours. But one book that broke through the blanket coverage and even snagged a Today sh...

Question of the Week

  • Who's your favorite chanteuse?

    Shawn Decker: "By far it's Christina of In Tenebris, a local goth electro band. She's a talented vocalist... and hot too!" Dee Dee Fisher: "Peggy Lee. The gravel of her ...

Real Estate - Commercial Construction Permits


    ALBEMARLE February 25 - April 7 Planned Parenthood of the Blue Ridge Inc., free standing illuminated sign, $2,000. Sunset LLC, addition to existing wall sign for Pizza Bell...

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate - Update


    APPEARED IN THE HOOK: December 25, 2003, in issue #251 ADDRESS: 3865 Solaris Drive ASKING PRICE: $335,000 SELLING PRICE: $320,000 DAYS TO CONTRACT: 30 SELLER'S AGENT: Tom W...

Real Estate Property auctions

  • REAL ESTATE- Property auctions

    April 26, at 4pm, at the Fluvanna County Courthouse Property: 1.259 acres at 1302 Hardware Hills Debtor: Julia P. and Michael R. Townsend Amount owing: $48,750 Bidder bring...

Movie Reviews

  • Aging: 13 to 30 gets old fast

    If you could see yourself through 13-year-old eyes, would you like the person you've become? That's the question posed by 13 Going on 30, a comedy most notable for proving ...

Music Reviews

  • Grow up: Young rapper needs time

    Black MarketThe WallStrong Quality Music I first met Black Market a few months back while hanging out down at the 91.9 station. I was there to support some friends of mine ...

  • Love boat: Shakin' the money-makers

    Luaat Twisted Branch Tea BazaarFriday, April 16 "For the first three days, you look at the people dancing to the band, laughing at their foolishness. Then, at four days on ...


The Brazen Careerist

  • Typecasting's good: Specialize for success

    During the Internet's go-go days in the late 1990s, I thought the term generalist meant "she's doing two jobs and pays herself double." Now it seems the word generalist mea...

Strange But True

  • Know your roe: Why flying fish really don't

      Q. From a Michigan reader: "I wonder if you might take up the argument about whether "flying fish" can really fly. I personally think they can. I have seen them air...


  • Political Freud: Volkan on group aggression

    When Mikhail Gorbachev paid a triumphant visit to Charlottesville in 1993, few people knew that he came at the invitation of Charlottesville's only Turkish Cypriot psychoan...


  • Vance High: Independent with poetic license

    "Independent runs Voters who want change today Keep our city green." On the political spectrum, indy City Council candidate/haiku writer Vance High counts himself a support...


  • Anachronism needs Fred

    Fred Boyce can be unreasonable. He can be grumpy and ill-tempered. He ranges from determined to downright stubborn. It's largely these qualities that have allowed him to do...

  • Hook bashed privacy

    What's more abhorrent: a man who vents his frustration on the answering machine of a colleague with whom he's having a conflict, that colleague publicly humiliating that ma...

  • LETTER- Prism's privacy invaded

    Your Prism Schism cover [April 1] made me think one of our best-loved (at least locally) institutions was falling apart. I stopped reading the article when the reporter quo...

  • Median income below poverty?

    Thanks for the outstanding article on the working poor. ["Nickel and dimed: Barbara Ehrenreich and tap-dancing on the edge," cover story, March 11]. Ehrenreich and Raskin a...

  • Old feel is gone

    I was interested to read about discord at the Prism, because the Prism is a wonderful place. It was important to me as a student at UVA in the late 1960s– some folks ...

  • Prism an odd place

    The board structure of this supposedly tax exempt community non-profit organization is unlike any of the other non-profits I've been part of. Basically, the only people who...

  • Prism is friendly

    The article "Prism Schism" omits the other community-oriented activities that go on every week at the Prism: jam sessions, open mics, Festival of the Book, cultural fairs, ...

  • Prism key to music

    It takes critically important performance venues like the Prism to keep traditional music alive. And these venues wouldn't exist without folks like Fred Boyce and Kenyon Hu...

  • Tell it like it is

    I was pleased to read the article about the Prism dispute. Many dormant volunteers feel that finally, someone has stood up to the Fred and Kenyon that we all know. Joey Dam...

Cultural preview

  • Cultural calendar, April 22-29, 2004

    Cultural calendar, April 22-29, 2004 THURSDAY, April 22 WALKABOUT Making it Better: Town meeting City Councilor Kevin Lynch and other government official...

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Real Estate - Commercial Construction Permits

Real Estate - Update

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