March 25th, 2004 issue #0312

March 25th, 2004
  • Fiction 2004: Judges. Meet the judges

    Stephen Boykewich: A literary whiz kid who's finishing his MFA in creative writing at UVA, twentysomething Boykewich has had stories published in the Virginia Quarterly Review, is editor-in-chief of Meridien Magazine, and, most impressively (of course), writes the weekly Performance feature in The Hook!  

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  • FICTION WINNER- Waltzing Cowboys

    At the edge of the freshly ditched ground, Rhue stared. He thought maybe he'd died too, the colors all washed out in the bright noon light, and the silence so long and heavy it dragged his feet into a dirge of dust and dread. How close he felt to death himself. The longer he stared, the more comfortable it looked, that level dry earth with indentations for his hunched shoulders and his weary hips.

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  • Playboys of Ireland: Tying Joyce to the Duke

    What do James Joyce and John Wayne, Irish lads with a conflicted view of manhood and penchant for eye patches, really have in common? The Virginia Festival of the Book seemed a good place to ask that question of two local gentlemen who had come to promote their respective patron saints.

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  • Winners 2004: Slow and steady wins...

    If you haven't had Lasik yet, grab your reading glasses: It's time to read the 2004 winner of The Hook's annual fiction contest! As in past years, the contest garnered well over 100 entries. And while choosing a winner was no easy task, our able judges– George Garrett, Stephen Boykewich, and Deborah Prum– were up to the challenge. Their top pick? Sarah Honenberger's "Waltzing Cowboys," published for your reading pleasure this week; runners-up will see their stories in print by the end of May. So, without further ado, meet the winning scribblers:

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Lamest legislature: The Virginia General Assembly extends its session without resolving the $2.4 billion budget gap between the Senate and the House of Delegates– and...

The Dish

  • Blast off: Atomic Burrito takes on the night

    Now that Live Arts and R2, Rapture's rapturous new dance club, are settled into their chic new digs, restaurants new and not-so-new are adapting to the increasingly nocturn...


  • Profile surprise: How I made CPD's hit list

    After one encounter with the Charlottesville police, the last thing I expected was another visit over the same issue [Essay, August 23: "My crime: 'You fit the description'...

Question of the Week

  • What does the Book Festival mean to you?

    Published March 25, 2004 in issue #0312 of the Hook Alex Caines: "Hopefully it means that others enjoy reading as much as I do. This particular festival has special mean...

Real Estate - $old

  • $old

    ALBEMARLE 12/16  Stuart L. and Karen K. Rifkin to Uvaldo and Angela B. Lopez, 310 Carrsbrook Drive, Carrsbrook, $299,000. Lowry W. Abell, Executor, to Bend Propertie...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • On the rock: Mill house built to last

    ADDRESS: 1915 E. Market St. ASKING: $342,500 SIZE: 2142 fin. sq. ft. YEAR BUILT: 1835, 1850 NEIGHBORHOOD: Woolen Mills CURB APPEAL: 7 out of a possible 10 LISTED BY: Roger ...

Real Estate - Update


    APPEARED IN THE HOOK: July 17, 2003, issue #0228 ADDRESS: 5598 Flintstone Drive, Lake Saponi ASKING PRICE: $369,000 SELLING PRICE: $310,000 TIME TO CONTRACT: 8 months SELLE...

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    March 25, at 1pm, at the Albemarle County Courthouse Property: 3.717 acres at 4351 Irish Road, Schuyler Debtor: Stephen Williams Amount owing: $95,501 Bidder brings: $9,0...

Movie Reviews

  • Busting a cap: Coens shooting blanks

    If you're familiar with the 1955 English comedy The Ladykillers, you'll think it an unlikely vehicle to be remade as a gospel musical. That's why Joel and Ethan are the Coe...

Music Reviews

  • Blues and green: Pinch a drink for St. Pat

    Deep FriedStarr Hill Music HallMarch 17 It was St. Patrick's day and I didn't even know it. Whatever happened to people wearing green and pinching each other in the rear? ...

  • Utterly foreign: Adebimpe's other-world sound

    TV on the Radio: Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes There are some albums that just breathe cool; you can almost sense them releasing it from the depths of the vinyl/plas...


The Brazen Careerist

  • Watch the clock: Tardiness sabotages success

    My column was late. Not to you, but to my editor. It is surprising, really, that my column was late, because the time zone difference is in my favor. But this week I would ...

Strange But True

  • Where am I? The eyes have it

     DRAWING BY DEBORAH DERR McCLINTOCK Q. Pose this one to friends sometime: Point to the part of your body where you feel "most located." Where will this usually be? ...



  • Clyde Edgerton: Pilot, professor, papa...

    The last time Clyde Edgerton did a reading for the Virginia Festival of the Book, he had the audience at Culbreth collectively about to wet its pants. And this was with Lee...


  • 107.5 greed hurts listeners

    Thanks for writing the article about the change on 107.5 [News, March 18, "Jazzed up: 107.5 change rocks Kidd fans"]. It's clear after reading the article (and hearing from...

  • Hooray for smooth jazz!

    You wrote that The Hook was unable to find anyone happy about the 107.5 format change. Well, here are two. My wife and I are fabulously happy about the new "mix" of music&#...

  • The elderly stay home

    I was glad to see Jeanne McCusker get the exposure she deserves for her company, Home Instead, new to the Charlottesville area ["No place like it: Biz helps families cope,"...

  • Turn off the lights!

    I am writing in response to the article on Dominion's application for new nuclear power plants [March 11: "New nukes: Dominion plans cause reaction"]. Louis Zenner, spokesm...

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4Better Or Worse


Real Estate - $old

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate - Update

Real Estate Property auctions

Strange But True