February 19th, 2004 issue #0307

February 19th, 2004
  • City on a hill: Is Staunton the next Charlottesville?

    For many it's a Sunday ritual: Pour a cup of coffee and relax with the New York Times travel section for a vicarious trip to some exotic destination. Paris... Bucharest... Fiji... Staunton, Virginia. Huh? Yes, Staunton. The little burg on the other side of the mountains– which many Charlottesville residents consider merely home to a jail, to Western State Hospital, and to the Statler Brothers– Staunton glowed as the lead travel story in the August 10 edition of the New York Times.

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  • Know thy Queen: Fast facts and Stauntonalia

    Poking around in Staunton's historic closet yields some interesting and downright strange tidbits. Here are just a few examples, plus a few answers to those pesky frequently asked questions.   Why is Staunton pronounced "Stanton" when it looks like it should be "Stawnton"?

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  • The Price of Beauty

    Staunton's facelift isn't cheap. Check out this partial tab for some of the Queen City's downtown revitalization projects: Beverley Street infrastructure rehab: $3.5 million New parking garage: $4.5 million Blackfriars Playhouse: $3.7 million RR Smith Center for History and the Arts: $2.5 million New Dixie Theater (The Staunton Performing Arts Center): $5 million Stonewall Jackson Hotel and Conference Center: $19.3 million

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Most wedding bells ringing: Hundreds of gay couples line up at City Hall in San Francisco on February 12 after the city starts issuing licenses and performing weddings for ...

The Dish

  • Branching out: Five, six, another Sticks!

    Chris DuBois must be glad to have Dish off his kebob case. You see, for the past six months or so I've been buzzing like a pesky fly around Sticks– which he owns with...


  • Sox lid: A hat is not just a hat

    It's almost time for major league baseball's spring training to begin. Until this year, I have never really paid attention to spring training because I've never really been...

Question of the Week

  • What do you think of Staunton?

    Noah Comarovschi: "It's almost as exciting as Harrisonburg. I think it's a horrible place. I know some good people from there, but they all moved to Charlottesville." An...

Real Estate

  • Property auctions

    February 19, at 2:30pm, at the Fluvanna County Courthouse Property: 1595 Oliver Creek Road, Troy Debtor: unknown Amount owing: $99,907 Bidder brings: $8,000 or 10 percent ...

Real Estate - $old

  • $old

    ALBEMARLE 11/04  Molly Jane S. and Sarah A. Osborne, Trustees, to James E. and Joan C. Newton, 11 Ednam Village, $460,000. Southland Homes Inc. to Ben and Karen Thom...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • Hill and grace: Ednam Forest is all that

    ADDRESS: 500 Rookwood Place ASKING: $1,500,000 SIZE: 3726 fin. sq. ft. 100 unfin. YEAR BUILT: 1983 NEIGHBORHOOD: Ednam Forest CURB APPEAL: 7 out of a possible 10 LISTED BY:...

Movie Reviews

  • Maine event: Retiring president v. plumber

    Maine is famous for two things: Stephen King and everything else. Welcome to Mooseport isn't likely to change that. This election-year comedy about an election would have b...

Music Reviews


The Brazen Careerist

  • Tell a lie: Talk yourself into advancing

    Maybe it's time to set aside all those "know yourself" advice books and try lying to yourself about who you are. You are a finance whiz. You are a sales guru. You are a bri...

Strange But True

  • Just kidding!: Escaping the psych ward

    DRAWING BY DEBORAH DERR McCLINTOCK Q. Imagine you were somehow mistakenly committed to a psychiatric hospital. Would the staff catch it? Would you be able to talk your way...


  • Hill historian: O'Shaughnessy's revolution

    Something is rotten in the Jefferson Library at Monticello. But it isn't a newly discovered 18th century scandal– no, a small animal has crawled into the ventilation ...



  • No Meredith conspiracy

    I was alarmed to read of the apparent conspiracy to oust Meredith Richards from the City Council [February 12: "Upset: 'Stop Meredith' move ousts Richards"]. As a delegate ...

  • Photo did me wrong

    As a favor to your photographer Jen Fariello, I reluctantly agreed to have my photo and answer to your Question of the Week published. [February 5: "What do you know about ...