January 22nd, 2004 issue #0303

January 22nd, 2004
  • Extreme makeover: Ordinance offers city a new look

    PHOTOS BY JEN FARIELLO On ABC's reality show Extreme Makeover, contestants who've never had to worry about winning beauty contests retreat for a six-week ultimate makeover, generally including liposuction, implants of every stripe, and porcelain veneers to disguise yellowed, jagged chompers.

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  • In the zone: The new ordinance and you

    The requirements of the new zoning ordinance may fall primarily on architects and developers, but if you live within city limits, the new law affects you too. Here's how:   City residents, with the exception of those around the university, may now put one "accessory apartment" on their property, as long as they use the property as their own primary residence.   Now that entry corridors are zoned mixed-use, people looking for apartments will have more opportunities to rent above shops.  

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  • Kuttner's conundrum: 'Bad boy' blasts the new law

    The mayor jokingly calls him the "bad boy" and credits him with anticipating some of today's now City-sanctioned trends of mixing uses and densifying downtown. But while the creative developments of Oliver Kuttner helped inspire the new zoning ordinance, that doesn't mean he has to love it. "It's a piece of junk ordinance," rages Kuttner. A developer (and race car driver), Kuttner may be best known for building The Terraces, a towering multi-million-dollar mixed-use structure on Water Street. What has him so irate?

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Best boost for presidential candidate John Kerry: The Massachusetts senator wins the January 19 Iowa caucuses. Worst horror on I-95: A fuel truck plunges off a three-story ...

Editor's Note

  • The City moves to The Hook

    It is with great pleasure that I welcome "The City" into the pages of The Hook. When I first began publishing this cartoon in the late 1990s, I was attracted by creator Joh...

The Dish


Question of the Week

  • How should Charlottesville evolve?

    Meredith Montague: "My first thought is upward, but I don't really mean that because I don't want Charlottesville to get bigger and block out the sky." Joanne Meier: "Sl...

Real Estate - $old

  • $OLD

      ALBEMARLE 9/25  R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Jon Oliver, 3410 Darby Road, Glenmore, $589,000. Craig Enterprises Inc. to William F. and Beverly W. May, lot in Red...

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate - Update

  • Update

    What happened to "On the Blocks" of the past? APPEARED IN THE HOOK: September 4, 2003, in issue #0235 ADDRESS: 3968 Burnley Station Road, Barboursville ASKING PRICE: $219,0...

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Foreclosure auctions

    January 23 at 11:15am at the Albemarle County Courthouse Property: 1807 Wakefield Road, Northfields Debtor: Ton T. Dinh Amount owing: unknown Bidder brings: $7,500 Info: S...

Movie Reviews

Music Reviews

  • Jam (ugh): Bending the Rule a little

    Rule of Thumpat OrbitJanuary 17 I'm a big believer in the philosophy of trying to learn something new every day, and sitting at a table last Saturday night at Orbit, I lea...

  • Travelin': From ecstasy to outer space

    EMDUBat Michael's BistroJanuary 14 Wrinkle Neck Muleat Starr HillJanuary 18  Artwork unevenly placed on the walls. Partially remodeled bathroom. A rear view of the b...


  • Connected: Country folk get broadband

    When people rhapsodize about rural living in Albemarle County, they talk about the views, the quiet, and the space between them and their neighbors. What they don't wax rha...

  • Deanies in Iowa: Those crazy middle-agers

    They got up before the sun January 15 to drive nonstop to bitter-cold Iowa for their man, Howard Dean. It's the sort of crazy idealism you expect from college students. Onl...

  • Hate on holiday: Neo-Nazis mark MLK birthday

    Civil rights activist Uriah J. Fields celebrated the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. on the Downtown Mall with a sign voicing his displeasure with U.S. foreign policy. L...

  • Molester dies: Child kidnapper slain in prison

    A convicted child rapist whose pending release inspired a Virginia law to keep dangerous sex offenders behind bars was found slain in his state prison cell, officials said ...

  • Mr. Iowa in Charlottesville

    John Kerry, the surprise victor in the Iowa Democratic caucus voting, paid a call on Charlottesville last summer. In this previously unpublished photo, he visits with René...

  • Preliminary hearing: Night of stabbing detailed

    Young men hit the bars on the Corner every weekend. Early on the morning of November 8, two sets of 20-somethings– one town, one gown– crossed paths, and a nigh...

The Brazen Careerist

  • Don't brownnose: But do compliment thy boss

    The problem with being nice is that it's not very interesting. It's the people with dirt to dish who are magnets at the water cooler. But if you want your boss to like you,...

Strange But True

  • All that $$! What to do with it?

    DRAWING BY DEBORAH DERR McCLINTOCK Q.  Imagining the old expression "If I had all the money in the world, I would..." were taken literally, how much would you have? ...


  • Design-build: Dynamic duo heat up Zocalo

    Walk through Zocalo's glass doors, and chances are you won't believe your eyes. With its clean lines, concrete bar, sleek woodwork, and interesting lighting, it's hard to b...


  • Jan Cornell: The woman UVA can't ignore

    Remember the protest a couple of months ago over the use of the N-word by a UVA supervisor? That was the work of Jan Cornell. Her detractors call her an instigator exploiti...


  • Enola Gay's polarizing effect

    Social historians define several traditional categories into which beliefs fall regarding the use of atomic weapons in Japan. Brian Wimer's more apologetic approach [Januar...

  • Morrell's family are victims too

    I have read The Hook's articles about the sad state of affairs surrounding Will Morrell that have resulted in certain bills not being paid, embarrassment and hardship for o...

  • Winston Link stopped near me

    Your wonderful article about photographer O. Winston Link [January 8 cover story: "Linked up: museum adds sparkle to star city"] reminded me of a chance encounter I had wit...

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Real Estate - $old

Real Estate - Update

Real Estate Property auctions