January 15th, 2004 issue #0302

January 15th, 2004
  • Flavor country: Not here in Albemarle

    When we went in search of any local tobacco farmers, we hit a dead end very quickly. "To my knowledge," says local agricultural expert Emmett Boaz, "tobacco has not been grown commercially in Albemarle County in my lifetime, and that's fifty-odd years." How the mighty weed has fallen. During Albemarle's colonial days, thanks to strong demand from the mother country, tobacco was the #1 crop according to Albemarle: Jefferson's County by John Hammond Moore.

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  • Tax me: 12 cents a pack in Charlottesville

    In 1993, anyone buying cigarettes in the city limits had the chance– nay the duty– to contribute to City Hall. The Charlottesville cigarette tax made its debut at 12 cents a pack. But as it contributes only about $300,000 to the public coffers, the local tax pales beside what Mark Warner wants.

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  • Tobacco town: Smokers, sellers defy Healthville docs

    "Crops may fail, commerce stagnate, wars devastate the country, banks suspend specie payment, and wives fret and scold, yet our people will chew and spit, smoke and puff, snuff and sneeze."– C.L. Thonpson, 19th century Albemarle citizen PHOTO BY JEN FARIELLO JEN@READTHEHOOK.COM

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  • Why? Weight, moods prompt women to puff

    Caren Chesler, 40, is no dummy. She's well aware of the health risks associated with smoking: She even lost her father to a form of esophageal cancer thought to be linked to cigarettes. Yet she continues to light up– sometimes smoking as many as 35 cigarettes a day. "I think about my father's death, and the increased probability that I'll get cancer," she says. "Does it make me stop?" she asks. "No." Like Caren, most female smokers can practically recite the statistics in their sleep: *They run up to six times the risk of heart attack that nonsmoking women do.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Worst big cat maulings since a white tiger attacked magician Roy Horn October 3: A bicyclist is in serious condition after she's attacked January 8 in California by a moun...

  • The week in review

    Worst big cat maulings since a white tiger attacked magician Roy Horn October 3: A bicyclist is in serious condition after she's attacked January 8 in California by a moun...

The Dish


Question of the Week

  • Why do you smoke?

    Cameshia Alston: "I just started when I was 13. I smoke because of stress. It relieves stress and calms my nerves." Josh McNeil: "I don't know. I'm trying to quit, but I...

Real Estate - $old

  • $old

    ALBEMARLE 9/12  Susan J. Schmickle to Angela R. Smith, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $93,000. Thelma H. Branham to T.E. and Ann T. Wood, 1.84 acres, $52,000. Ro...

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate - Update

  • Still on the block

    What happened to "On the Blocks" of the past? APPEARED IN THE HOOK: July 3, 2003, in issue #226 ADDRESS: 7603 Esmont Road NOW ASKING: $89,900 LISTED BY: Hock Hockensmith of...

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Foreclosure auctions

    January 20, at 1pm, at the Fluvanna County Courthouse Property: Lot 21, South Creek Farms, Bremo Bluff Debtor: Roger L. and Sandra F. Carroll Amount owing: $93,263 Bidder ...

Movie Reviews

  • Risk assessment: Polly needs a wisecrack

    If I were an insurance risk assessment expert like Reuben Feffer (Ben Stiller), I could feed the positive and negative factors of a movie like Along Came Polly into a compu...

Music Reviews

  • Courtly country : Local boys pack 'em in

    King Wilkie at Miller'sJanuary 11 I arrived at Miller's Saturday night about an hour before the bluegrass band King Wilkie was scheduled to perform, and quite literally ju...

  • Don't skip it: Remix adds to original

    Soulive: Turn It Out Remixed  (Blue Note) Only a very few live shows have had a meaningful impact on my life. I can count on one hand the ones I've seen in Charlottes...


The Brazen Careerist

  • New view: entrepreneurship for you

    Feeling stuck? Uninspired? Perhaps it's time to start your own business. It's likely you intuitively know if you're actually an entrepreneur stuffed in a corporate cubicle....

Strange But True

  • New plant food: Good for indoor peas

    DRAWING BY DEBORAH DERR McCLINTOCK Q. Pick from the following the best nutrient-cocktail for your houseplants: a) beer b) milk c) soda pop d) urine. ­V. Sackville-We...



  • John McCutcheon: Making waves making music

    John McCutcheon has a devilish twinkle in his eye as he describes the U.S. Postal Service's decision to use a song he recorded for his 1988 album, Mail Myself to You, for t...


  • Christians don't claim exclusivity

    I read Erika Raskin's article regarding home schooling in The Hook with interest. [December 18 cover: "Home for the holidays: And every other day too"] There appeared to be...

  • Homeschoolers diverse

    As a Virginia homeschooler, I wish to thank you for your fair and thorough article, "Home for the holidays" [Cover story, December 18]. You present a realistic picture of t...

Cultural preview

  • Cultural calendar, January 14-22, 2004

    WEDNESDAY, January 14 PERFORMANCE Country dance night: Couples and line dancing at Fry's Spring Beach Club. Dance lesson free with cover. Lesson 7pm, ...

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Question of the Week

Real Estate - $old

Real Estate - Update

Real Estate Property auctions

The Brazen Careerist

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