November 6th, 2003 issue #0244

November 6th, 2003
  • High and dry: Local weather, water guys MIA

    And so the days of drought dragged on, growing ever drier. Fear grew in the hearts of every man, woman, and child, until, like twin beacons in the night, two men among us stepped forth to lead. Now, both pillars of strength have vanished like puddles on a hot summer day, leaving Charlottesville struggling with the question: Where on earth did Larry Tropea and Robert Van Winkle go?

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  • Tub overfloweth: Water conservers change tactics

    Most people won't soon forget the fall of 2002. After a blisteringly hot and dry summer, wells dried up, car washes closed, and upscale restaurants served food on paper plates. The Hook's cover story on September 26 that year found a bunch of locals struggling with parched conditions. This year, we checked back in with some of those folks to see what a difference a little or a lot of water makes.   SHANE FOSTER

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  • Wet records: 2003 will shatter at least one

    Though September and October have been relatively warm and dry, the first eight months of 2003 had locals wringing out their socks on a near daily basis. How wet was it? Here are some of the facts and figures of what may become a record-breaking year. Since there's never been a month in recorded history without a day of measurable precipitation, it looks like we'll definitely win for number of rainy days, but we're facing some tough competition from 1937 for the total amount of falling fluids.   What a difference a year makes I

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  • What next? Weighing in on winter weather

     The weather's been wacky– first a drought, then months of endless rain, now up-and-down temperatures that seem to be throwing even seasoned weather watchers for a loop. Que pasa? Mother Nature did not return The Hook's repeated calls by press time, so we turned to a few other sources to see if anyone can tell us what kind of winter we're in for in the coming months.  

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Worst party to crash: UVA walk-on football player Carson Ward is in critical condition after attempting to enter a Sigma Chi fraternity Halloween party. Two frat brothers, ...

The Dish

  • Qdobas: Tex-Mex comes to the Corner

    If you've been to the Corner lately, you've surely spotted the freshly painted, canary yellow facade of the historic Chancellor's drug store building-­ former home of Espr...


  • Talking men: Don't marry a Silent Type

    This is not a Hurricane Isabel story, although it starts like one. Two days after the hurricane, my entire county was still without electricity except for one small area, a...

Question of the Week

  • What's your idea of a good winter?

    Anthony Avent: "I'd like to see snow, but most winters we don't get any snow. I like it when it gets real, real cold, and everyone gets stuck in the house." Dave McKinno...

Real Estate - $old

  • $old

    ALBEMARLE 7/14  Nancy B. Harris to Joseph F. Harris, 10.63 acres on State Route 53, $140,000. Olivia D. Sargeant to Bernard E. and Tomoko S. Marshall, 1640 Redwing L...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • Shock of the new: No hi-tech stone unturned

    ADDRESS: 5898 Free Union Road ASKING: $624,000 SIZE: 1200 fin. sq. ft./ 2640 unfin. YEAR BUILT: 2003 NEIGHBORHOOD: Free Union CURB APPEAL: 7 out of a possible 10 LISTED BY:...

Real Estate - Update

  • Still available

    What happened to "On the Blocks" of the past? APPEARED IN THE HOOK: February 20, 2003, in issue #0207 Sunrise Trailer Park ADDRESS: Carlton Avenue ASKING PRICE: $1.5 milli...


    Published June 10, 2004 in issue 0323 of the Hook ADDRESS: 5898 Free Union Road ASKING PRICE: $550,000 SELLING PRICE: $500,000 DAYS TO CONTRACT: 150 SELLER'S AGENT: Roger V...

Movie Reviews

  • Matrix 3: All good things must come to...

    Most Matrix fans, except the perverse few who want Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) to have his way with the universe, are rooting for Neo (Keanu Reeves) to prevail over the mach...

Music Reviews


  • "In your face": PEC attacks new Kluge plan

    Perhaps nothing has rallied residents of southern Albemarle like the proposal by winery owners Patricia Kluge and Bill Moses to scatter 28 houses among vineyards on a 511-a...

  • Hair's breadth: Rice trial delayed nine months

    A federal judge postponed the capital murder trial of Darrell David Rice for nine months at the request of prosecutors who want to examine hairs discovered on crime scene e...

  • McRaven: Vandalism escalates

    School board candidate Linda McRaven has seen her signs disappear throughout the campaign– the count was at 25 when The Hook reported on the disappearances two weeks ...

  • Power trip: Police release rapist's words

    It was almost a year ago, following a brutal November 11 attack of a woman in her Willoughby home, when police alerted Charlottesville that a serial rapist was on the loose...

  • Short circuit: Quick workouts = fast results?

    Have you ever spent half an hour pouring sweat from a Stairmaster, only to discover that you had burned just 300 calories– not nearly enough to undo the damage from a...

  • Use your assets: Help with revamping rooms

    If you're like many people, you've spent good money– and time– furnishing and decorating your home. You've got Aunt Bessie's old dresser in the bedroom, a futo...

The Brazen Careerist

Strange But True


  • Think Mink: Taking kids back to nature

    Andy Mink wants to teach kids how to fail. While that might seem like a questionable goal for a teacher, Mink promises a positive return: They learn how to be better studen...


  • Steve Landes: Is fifth term the charm?

    Delegate Steve Landes knows quite a lot about spreading manure. And while some might say that's part of the political landscape, he has a valid reason. "When you represent ...


  • Bright Beginnings seems dim

    I could not believe it when I saw a letter in favor of Bright Beginnings. [October 23: "Stop bullying Bright Beginnings"] I sent my child there, and she went through at lea...

  • Leaders are everywhere

    Your story, "Sticker shock: Rainbows rile parents" [News, October 23, 2003], quotes Bill "Biff" Rossberg, who objects to rainbow triangle stickers, as saying, "Western is r...

  • Sexual abuse-- all too real

    Your cover story about malpractice by a therapist treating a child for "repressed memory" of sexual abuse ["Saving Sarah," October 16, 2003] described a disturbing experien...

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4Better Or Worse

Question of the Week

Real Estate - $old

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate - Update