October 23rd, 2003 issue #0242

October 23rd, 2003
  • Aboriginal: Rabbit Proof star loves his work

    "I can't believe it!" exclaims David Gulpilil, in delighted, humble stupefaction. "I can't believe it!" The beaming actor is amazed at how many locals recognize him.

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  • No hogs: A different kind of Film Fest

    OR Director's cut: Why Herskowitz likes a star-free festival Virginia Film Festival director Richard Herskowitz has dollar signs in his eyes. After ending the drought with last year's "Wet"-themed festival, this year's $ theme is a sure bet to turn the economy around. Well, maybe. This is the 10th festival Herskowitz has programmed, and he says, "It feels extremely different."

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  • One-sheet: Wahoo returns... as poster collector

    Morris Everett is a major patron of a great bastard art form: movie posters. In art circles, says Everett, "Movie posters, as well as film, are still considered the new kid on the block." The cinema lacks seniority compared to, say, painting. Therefore, until a few decades ago, paper movie art was considered entirely ephemeral, fit only for decorating dumpsters. Nowadays, posters say, an original for Frankenstein (1931)– can fetch upwards of $100,000.

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  • Pay off: The Hook's Guide-O-Rama to the $ Film Fest

    BY LISA PROVENCE LISA@READTHEHOOK.COM The days are getting crisp, like a new $20 bill, the lights are lowering, and cinephiles perform their ritualistic ode to fall at the 16th Virginia Film Festival. This year's festival smacks of filthy lucre, and in fact, that's its theme. Reduced to a Prince-esque symbol– $– the festival examines what it's like to lust for money, to be controlled by money, and to roll around naked in a bed full of currency (well, almost).

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  • Roll 'em: Phantom of the projection booth

    Jerry Sandy won't see his name in lights, get hounded for autographs, or face any adoring crowds at the Virginia Film Festival. He is, however, the man most responsible for making the Festival's films look as good as is humanly possible its cosmetician of light and sound. Since the Festival began 16 years ago, Sandy has regularly trekked down from Delaware. As vice president of Metro Technical Services, which originally provided much of the Festival's 35mm projection equipment, he continues to oversee its screenings as the chief projectionist.

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  • Venues

    Clockwise from top left: Vinegar Hill draws the experimental film crowd; the usually desolate former IGA market hosts the Fringe Festival; Culbreth Theatre draws the biggest crowds and the festival's stars, and the Regal Downtown 6 offers options if your movie is really bad. Culbreth's offerings include The Tracker (7pm Friday, October 24) and Citizen Kane (1pm Sunday, October 26). PHOTO BY JEN FARIELLO

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  • Windfall: Festival tips worth a million

    You're ready to take the plunge and invest in the Film Festival. To help you navigate the treacherous shoals of multiple movies in one day, The Hook suggests ways to make the experience as valuable as possible, for both you and your fellow festival-goers.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Best news for CourtTV fans: The trial of sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad gets under way in Virginia Beach, with Muhammad firing his attorneys and representing himself. B...

Editor's Note

  • Welcome to Parsons

    In this issue, we welcome occasional Hook contributor Laura Parsons to a weekly gig. She takes over the reins of the visual arts beat in our Culture section. Parsons has ma...

The Dish

  • Milking it: Cheese with grass-roots feel

    Slow Food Virginia sure is picking up the pace. Just last month, Dish announced the debut of the local chapter of Slow Food USA, an educational, not-for-profit food organiz...


Question of the Week

  • Are you going to the Film Festival?

    Frank Bergland: "No, but I don't know why I don't go. I love films. I guess I'm just lazy." Jonna Ashley: Yes. I'm going to see Kevin Everson's film and talk on Thursday...

Real Estate - $old

  • $old

    ALBEMARLE 7/10  Landon R. White to W. Duncan and Meredith M. MacFarlane, 2.36 acres on Jarman's Gap Road, $77,000. Samuel H. Woodson Jr. to Debra Sue Woodson, 2.003 ...

  • $old

    Albemarle 7/2  Judith Sullivan to Brett and Sarah Blackman, 2525 Cedar Ridge Lane, Westwoods, $315,000. Amy R. Graves to James W. and Pamela S. Whorley, 1221 Bixham ...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • Show off: Big Belmonter outshines neighbors

    ADDRESS: 750 Belmont Avenue ASKING: $469,900 SIZE: 2,800 fin. sq. ft. YEAR BUILT: 1920 NEIGHBORHOOD: Belmont CURB APPEAL: 8 out of a possible 10 LISTED BY: Bob Hughes of Co...

Real Estate - Update

  • Update

    What happened to "On the Blocks" of the past? APPEARED IN THE HOOK: August 14, 2003, in issue #32 ADDRESS: 1930 White Hall Road, Crozet ASKING PRICE: $528,000 SELLING PRICE...

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Foreclosures

    October 30, at noon, at the Greene County Courthouse Property: 333 Davis Road, Ruckersville Debtor: Andrew and Margaret J. Fields Amount owing: $84,395.56 Bidder brings: $...

Movie Reviews

  • Runaway hit: Jury 'duty's a pleasure

    Runaway Jury has the makings of a runaway hit. It's the kind of movie that got me hooked on movies, long before I got into foreign films and American indies. John Cusack, G...

Music Reviews

  • Interested: Two keep audience enthralled

    Tom Proutt with Billy Gessner at Mountain View Grill, CrozetOctober 18, 2003 I had never been to Crozet's Mountain View Grill until last Saturday night, but time will most...

  • Surprising: Dub reggae makes trip worth it

    Akshun and Dubfire at the Garden of ShebaOctober 18, 2003 To tell the truth, I really haven't felt the urge to see a great deal of live music recently. I couldn't tell you...


  • 'Smithereens': Isabel KO's county's busiest trail

    If a tree falls in the woods, will you hear about it? What if it happens during Hurricane Isabel and closes part of the county's most popular footpath? Well, you're hearing...

  • Bombshell: Defense move delays Rice trial

    The thick stands of red oak on Shenandoah National Park's Stony Man Mountain open up near the highway to an unmarked and overgrown trail that rangers would like to forget. ...

  • Booster feat: Will Lewis & Clark be magic #3?

    How will the 200th anniversary of the river launch of the Voyage of Discovery be commemorated in Charlottesville? Easy– with the unveiling this Sunday of what organiz...

  • Grisham's latest: Runaway Jury not runaway hit

    The latest book-into-film from Covesville superstar John Grisham garnered a "somewhat disappointing" third place in its opening weekend, according to a leading industry wat...

  • Sign out: Vandalism on the campaign trail

    On the jammed front porch of Linda McRaven's hand-built log house in Free Union, a rusting exercise bike sits near a wooden crossbow. Several paper and metal campaign signs...

  • Sticker shock: rainbow riles parents

    NEWS- Sticker shock: rainbow riles parents The upside down rainbow triangle is a popular gay symbol, reclaimed from the pink triangle Nazis forced homosexuals to wear. At W...

  • Tune in: Sisters' TLC makeover airs soon

    If you're home during the day, you're all set. If you have one of those pesky day jobs, however, you may want to call in sick, or at least make sure your lunch hour gets yo...

Strange But True

  • Itchy sex: On being allergic to your lover

    DRAWING BY DEBORAH DERR MCCLINTOCK Q. Of the many pitfalls to romance, is it possible to be allergic to your lover's body? How about your own? ¬≠Ben Adryl  A. There ...




  • Don't disparage babysitters

    I am writing to take issue with Penelope Trunk's article, "Resume Rules" [The Brazen Careerist, October 16]. Much of her advice was great, but not her condescending referen...

  • Stop bullying Bright Beginnings

    My husband and I were so disappointed to find yet another negative piece on Bright Beginnings in your paper– and now, this personal attack on one of their teachers! [...

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Real Estate - $old

Real Estate - On the Block

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