October 16th, 2003 issue #0241

October 16th, 2003
  • Saving Sarah: Satan worship, sex abuse, and Dr. Martin Stein

      The little girl's memories were vivid and horrifying: being raped by her father at age two, watching her father and stepmother bury animals alive in satanic rituals, and seeing babies boiling in a cauldron while adults stirred the pot. But were they true?

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  • Which hunt? Repressed memory... and other '80s fads

    By the mid-1980s, it wasn't at all unusual for women to remember they'd been molested as children. At the same time, news accounts of daycare centers as hotbeds of sexual abuse and satanic rituals abounded. What caused grown women to suddenly "remember" they'd been abused as children?

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Best California escapade: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Worst baseball antics: During the third game of the American League Championship October 11, Yankees bench coach Do...

The Dish

  • Bonsoir, Ciboulette! Market gets a bistro

    With its ample parking and pleasant seating areas, it's no surprise that the Main Street Market is becoming an increasingly popular place to grab a gourmet sandwich, bowl o...


  • Short people: Let them opt to be taller

    This past July, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that human growth hormone may now be prescribed to boost the height of short, but otherwise normal, children...

Question of the Week

Real Estate - $old

  • Property Transfers

    CHARLOTTESVILLE 7/31  Christopher D. and Laura D. Cook to Ivan N. Ratestic, 118 Westwood Circle, $180,900. Beverly C. Bishop to Patricia Joan Weis, 120 Waterbury Cou...

Real Estate - Off the Block

  • What Happened to On The Blocks of the Past

    APPEARED IN THE HOOK: December 19, 2002, in issue #46 ADDRESS: 311-B Second Street, McGuffey Hill ASKING PRICE: $390,000 SELLING PRICE: $380,000 DAYS ON THE MARKET: 21 SELL...

Real Estate - On the Block

  • Bellwether?: Big house might be indicator

    ADDRESS: 506 Grove Avenue ASKING: $439,000 SIZE: 3430 fin. sq. ft., 1400 unfin. YEAR BUILT: 1905 NEIGHBORHOOD: Locust Grove CURB APPEAL: 8 out of a possible 10 LISTED BY: O...

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Foreclosure auctions

    October 21, at 11am, at the Fluvanna County Courthouse Property: 10 acres in Columbia Debtor: Laurette B. and William A. Foster III Amount owing: $70,295.09 Bidder brings:...

Movie Reviews

Music Reviews

  • Musical bashing: Bands rock to sock Bush

    Bands Against BushOld Michie BuildingOctober 11, 2003 Though intersections of politics and music have always left a bad taste in my mouth, a free, multi-band show is an op...

  • Throwing fits: Dando's star power flickers

    Evan Dando Starr Hill Music HallOctober 12, 2003 One fleeting moment Sunday night, as the stage lights shone especially white and hot upon Evan Dando's face and he looked ...


The Brazen Careerist

  • Resume rules: Keep it simple, specific

    Hey, all you college kids! It's time to get off your butts and start applying for jobs. Do not delude yourself into thinking you can wait until next May. Top internships, m...

Strange But True

  • Snake-icide: Reptiles' bites end misery

    Q. If a venomous snake bites itself, will it die? -Adam  A. Depends on the venom, how much is injected (often none is), and the health of the snake, says University o...



  • Bush guided by 9/11

    I get the feeling that Cathy Young's essay on Bushophobia [October 9: "Loathsome: Bush-haters' vitriol runs big risks"] was written before the war on Iraq, seeing as there ...

  • LETTER- Fixing Fifeville; Cox rocks

    I was impressed with the [Cover story: "Nicing Dice: But at what price?" September 25, 2003] by Courteney Stuart, regarding Fifeville. I understand why Mayor Cox is "incens...

  • Stop bullying Bright Beginnings

    My husband and I were so disappointed to find yet another negative piece on Bright Beginnings in your paper– and now, this personal attack on one of their teachers! [...

  • Write in urban renewal!

    Since I campaigned for the Republican nomination for the House of Delegates seat held by Mitch Van Yahres since 1981, I thought I should weigh in on gentrification, which I...

Cultural preview

  • Cultural calendar, October 15-23, 2003

    Cultural calendar, October 15-23, 2003 WEDNESDAY, October 15 PERFORMANCE Country dance night: Couples and line dancing at Fry's Spring Beach Club. Runs s...

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Real Estate - $old

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Real Estate - On the Block

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