October 2nd, 2003 issue #0239

October 2nd, 2003
  • Fueling competition? Kluge's gas mart gears up

    If the markets of Belmont are a blast from the past, then Patricia Kluge's soon-to-open gas station/restaurant/convenience store Fuel may be a sign of what's to come. For now, however, Kluge says Fuel will not be competing with other convenience markets because "Fuel is not a market, nor will it ever be. It is a gas station, restaurant, wine bar, café, and 'C' store." Kluge says shoppers won't come to Fuel to pick up diapers, fishing bait, or aspirin. They will come to fuel their bodies and their cars.

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  • Holding on: Markets still booming in Belmont, despite hold-ups and Kluge competition

      Want to go back in time, but don't want to risk leaving loved ones behind or irreparably altering the future? Here's an idea. Head to one of the mom and pop markets dotting the Belmont landscape. Most of these stores have been around at least 50 years, and though the original owners are long gone, the new owners claim that the feel of the stores is pretty much the same as it ever was.

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4Better Or Worse

  • The week in review

    Worst leak for the Bush administration: The Justice Department is investigating the outing of a CIA agent whose husband, former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson, contradicted th...

The Dish


  • Holler news: Isabel kisses Hungrytown

    Thursday, September 18, 2003 awoke gray and sullen. The news had been full of it, weather channels tracking pictures of a pleasant whirlpool of white clouds swirling over w...

Real Estate - $old

  • Property transactions

    ALBEMARLE 6/30 Joshua M. and Christina M. Greenhoe to Thomas M. and Kristin A. Grimes, 1153 Foxchase Ridge, Foxcroft, $295,000. Jessie C. Somers to Joseph N. and Dolly H....

Real Estate - Off the Block

  • Update

    What happened to "On the Blocks" of the past? APPEARED IN THE HOOK: December 12, 2002, in issue #0045 ADDRESS: 1016 Blackburn Bluff, Dunlora ASKING PRICE: $444,000 SELLING ...

Real Estate - On the Block

Real Estate Property auctions

  • Property auctions

    October 3, at 11:30am, at the Charlottesville Courthouse Property: 913 Ridge Street Debtor: Vera F. and Charles T. Timberlake III Amount owing: $144,015 Bidder brings: $14...

Movie Reviews

Music Reviews

  • Local accident: Two brilliantly unique EPs

    The Id Quadraped Ultra Dolphins Ultra Dolphins Ever since punk became a vampire, the genre's great bands have replaced broad salvos with homemade sounds-­ cookies! And h...


  • Chipped beef: Carousing bull felled by dart

    It's happened before, and it'll probably happen again: An animal escapes from the stockyards in downtown Hogwaller, aka lower Belmont. But this time, the escapee was a big ...

  • From dream to screen: Wadlow's Living the Lie

    What a difference a year makes. Last year Jeff Wadlow opened the Virginia Film Festival with screenings of two of his short films plus the five-minute trailer for Living th...

  • Hot makeover: Coughing up $50 million for heat

    The UVA heating plant is making some citizens nervous. In early 2002, when the university applied for a permit to burn more fuel and increase its emissions, neighbors learn...

  • Looted: Hip-hop store an Isabel victim

    Quinton Harrell heard a voice on day three of the power outage following Hurricane Isabel that told him he should spend the night at his store, Charlottesville Players, whi...

  • Resourceful: DMB concert answers prayers

    A concert in New York appears to be helping a struggling Charlottesville organization find a new home in an old church. The September 24 performance by Dave Matthews Band ...

  • Solo Devil: Dave is Dave with another band

    Dave Matthews is some devil. Or perhaps just devilish. He's been quoted as saying the collection of songs that constitute his debut solo album "didn't fit" with his band. H...

  • Under way: Mr. Enniscorthy goes on trial

    In this story, Mark Swartz plays second fiddle to former Tyco colleague Dennis Kozlowski. But in Albemarle real estate lore, his status is secure as the highest payer for a...

The Brazen Careerist

  • Must be: Seven ways to impress

    You might save your company $10 million, but if your boss doesn't know you did it, it will be like it never happened. So you need to manage up– systematically make su...

Strange But True

  • Puffed up: Less pressure, bigger bosom

    DRAWING BY DEBORAH DERR MCCLINTOCK BY BILL SONES AND RICH SONES, PH.D. Q. Maybe you slept through chemistry, but you remember Boyle's law, right? "Reduce the pressure on ...


  • Schnitzel king: Gerstl returns to his roots

    In a world of fusion cuisine and halogen-illuminated sushi bars, one local restaurant has just gotten a blast from its past. Literally. Ludwig's Schnitzelhouse has returned...


  • Allen Hale: Hoping to soar into office

    Allen Hale was starting Day Six without power, thanks to Hurricane Isabel, when he spoke to The Hook. He wasn't sweating sitting in the Hot Seat without a shower, though, b...


  • 'Not gay' not here no more

    I was sorry to see The Hook guide to Charlottesville [August 7: "The Annual Manual"] still discussed the presence of the "not gay" chant at UVA football games. I was at the...

  • Fifeville wasn't Fife's

    As a 16-year homeowner on Oak Street– one block below Dice– I was pleased to see my part of town on your cover [September 25 cover story: "Nicing Dice: But at w...

  • Setting Caravati straight

    That was a good article on overhead power lines [News, "Crossed wires: Why aren't those power lines buried?" September 25, 2003]. Blake Caravati was mistaken when he said t...

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